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Harold Harvey Paintings Up to 1910
Harold Harvey was born on 20 May 1874 in North Parade, Penzance, Cornwall, the eldest of eight children. His father was a bank clerk. Harvey trained in painting at the Penzance Art School under Norman Garstin, and attended the Academie Julian in Paris between 1894 and 1896. Initially his style was impressionistic and his works mostly depicted scenes of the local fishing and agricultural communities, such as ‘In the Whiting Ground’ (c1900, now in Penlee House at Penzance). His work matured from about 1905 with brighter colours, and simpler compositions. He exhibited at the Newlyn Gallery and major provincial galleries.

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Up to 1900

A Cornish fisherman
O/c 14 x 18. Sgd BR, dtd ’93. In the foreground at left sits a young man facing the viewer, wearing a cap and pale jersey; before him is a bundle tied in a red spotted handkerchief; at right several fishing boats are moored in the harbour. BhL 30 Jan 1980 (57); LWG Mar 1982 (35 illus, as The young seafarer, dated 1890); BAL 48620 (as The young seafarer).

Apple blossom
O/c 23 x 19.  Sgd BL in black, dtd 92. In an orchard are several apple trees with pink and white blossom, and yellow daffodils beneath them.  Given by Harvey to his friends Geoffrey and Jill Garnier, artists who lived in Newlyn. PHGM 2001 (52); SL 14 Dec 2006 (182 illus, as 25 x 21); SL 11 Dec 2007 (64 illus). 
Oil. SOP 1898 (156, price £31-10s); WAGL 1899 (356, price £15-15s); RBSA 1899 (567, price £21).
Girl with plaits
O/p 14 x 10. Sgd, dtd ’97. PL 23 Apr 1985 (26).
In a Cornish cottage
Oil. In an article published on 9 Feb 1939 (unidentified source), Harvey told the interviewer that “The subject was a group of fishermen doing nothing in particular and talking to other fishermen doing nothing in particular”. RA 1898 (44); WAGL 1898 (1083, price £52-10s); SOP 1899 (42, price £42); RBSA 1899 (782, price £42); WGL 1902 (16).
O/c 17 x 23. Sgd BL, dtd 97. In the foreground are boats and lobster pots; at left is a house with washing drying; behind are the harbour quays with figures on them. PHGM 2001 (31).
Newlyn bridge
Oil. WAGL 1900 (944, price £33); WGL 1902 (103).
Summer hours
Oil. WAGL 1899 (286, price £15-15s); RBSA 1899 (566, price £10-10s).
The dinner hour
O/c 37 x 48. Sgd BL, dtd 97; inscr with title and Penzance on a label on the frame. The setting appears to be Tredavoe. In a sunny field being ploughed in front of a blue Mount’s Bay with distant land; at right a woman stands behind two men seated with their lunch; at left a boy feeds a white horse from a pail, a brown horse behind it. The title ‘Dinner Hour’ was probably aimed at a wider audience, as the Cornish term for a meal break is ‘croust time’. WAGL 1901; Leeds City Art Gallery 1908; SL 8 Nov 1989 (16 illus); DMG 1990 (9 illus); DMG 1994 (8 illus); PHGM 2001 (10); WL.
The knitters
Oil. WAGL 1900 (361, price £25).
The land of flowers
Oil. WAGL 1899 (208, price £15-15s); RBSA 1899 (725, price £12-12s); SOP 1901 (171, price £26-5s).
The lost princess
Oil. WAGL 1899 (328, price £52-10s); RA 1899. The Cornishman of 30 March 1899 said
“.. a carefully executed work. The idea is good and the workmanship well done, though one might consider the figure of the half-reclining princess somewhat too stiff to be natural”.
The plough team
O/c 8 x 16. Sgd, dtd 1900. Probably painted at Tredavoe. In a sunny field, at left a dark brown horse and a white horse move left pulling a plough followed by a man at right wearing a cap and waistcoat over white shirt; beyond are trees and the blue sea. SL 5 July 1983 (ni); PL 6 Mar 1990 (74).
William Harvey Julyan JP.
O/c 42 x 32. Sgd BR, dtd 95 or 96. The figure faces half-left and is seated, probably in the mayoral chair, wearing a black robe with red trimming at the shoulders; his right hand rests on the chair arm; he has a pointed beard. Plaque on front reading : ‘W Harvey Julyan Esq, JP, Alderman 1892, Mayor 1893-5, Presented by his fellow townsmen’. PCF C&SI p112 illus.  Penlee House Gallery & Museum (1989.36). WL.
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A winter evening
WAGL 1901 (226, price £84); RGI 1902 (312).

Young fisherboy
O/c 12 x 8.  Sgd BR in white, dtd 01.  In the foreground sits a young boy wearing a cap, black jacket buttoned at the top and brown shorts; he has a smoking cigarette at the left of his mouth; behind him is blue sea and a fishing boat; two white seagulls fly adjacent to his head.   CSK 12 July 2006 (68 illus).

The witch
PEAG Sales Book 28 July 1901 (price £6-6s).

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Above Mounts Bay
O/c 15 x 18. Sgd, dtd 1902 indis. Lay P 12 Oct 2004 (605 illus).
Building the hayrick
O/c 15 x 20. Sgd BR, dtd 1902. In the centre foreground stands a horse facing right, harnessed to a cart loaded with hay, among which stands a man; behind them is a tall rick extending to the right edge of the canvas, on top of which stands a man with a sunlit hat wielding an implement; in the distance at far left are fields below a yellow sky. PL 11 Nov 1986 (50 illus).
Guinea (?) gold.
Title is indistinctly recorded. PEAG Sales Book 30 Apr 1902, price £4-4s.
Lighting up
O/c 12 x 10. Sgd BL in red, dtd 1902. An old man with a white beard, black hat, red scarf, white pullover and dark trousers, faces half-left; he sits in the stern of a dinghy, holding a pipe in his left hand and lighting it with a flaring match in his right hand; the glow illuminates his face; beyond is calm water reflecting evening light, and a sea wall with houses above; there is no sky. Probably PEAG Sales Book 6 Sep 1902, price £3-3s, as The pipe; BhL 10 June 2014 (152, as Lighting up); BhL 20 Mar 2018 (86, as Lighting up).
Mousehole and the Coombes
PEAG Sales Book Oct 1902, price £8-8s.
Penzance harbour
WGL 1902 (20).
Portrait of a little girl in pink
O/c 12 x 10. Sgd BR, dtd 02. Head and shoulder view of a girl in a broad-brimmed straw hat, pink blouse, two blue necklaces and one brown; she looks at the viewer; the background is plain dark green. SL 19 July 1989 (41 illus).
SOP 1902 (94, price £20).
The pedlar
O/c 48.5 x 36. Sgd BR, dtd 1902. An interior showing a bearded old man in dark hat and clothes peddling ribbons etc at the doorway to a room in which stand a mother holding a child, and a young girl wearing a white apron over a brown dress. WAGL 1902 (262, price £50); PIN p.83 (ni) and p.128 illus, no.64; PL 13 Nov 1984 (72, prov. QHP); WL.

The turn of the tide
Oil. WAGL 1902 (825, price £30).

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A summer’s morning
PEAG Sales Book 18 July 1903, price £5-5s.
Boys fishing
PEAG Sales Book 17 Aug 1903, price £4.
Carting Seaweed
O/c 7 x 12. Sgd, dtd 03. PEAG Sales Book 16 June 1903. Anderson & Garland, Newcastle 25 Jan 1983 (422, as Collecting Seaweed).
Collecting wrack
O/c 8 x 12. Sgd BL, dtd 03. In the foreground on a wet beach, a horse pulls a cart laden with seaweed, moving left; at right a man walks alongside; in the distance at left is another horse and cart. Marazion was the main centre for wrack or seaweed. SL 25 May 1983 (53 illus); PHGM 2001 (3, as Collecting seaweed); WL.
Oil. WAGL 1903 (181, price £100). Euchre is an American card game, and was regularly played at The Wink Inn, Lamorna.
Fishing boats
O/c 17 x 15. Sgd BL, dtd 1903. In the foreground are four boats with black hulls, facing left, their masts bare; the two foremost boats have PZ numbers in white; men work in the boats; behind is a sketchy view of Newlyn. Beaumont, Tours 18 May 1988 (349); Lane P 26 Oct 2000 (100 illus, as Waiting for the tide, Newlyn harbour, as 18.5 x 16.5.). Falmouth ‘A Century of Art in Cornwall 1889-1989’ 1989 (22); PHGM 2001 (5, as Waiting for the tide, Newlyn harbour). PCF C&SI p112 illus. Lane P 13 June 2013 (100 illus, as Waiting for the tide).  Penlee House Gallery & Museum (2001.L12P)
Girl’s head
PEAG Sales Book 22 Sep 1903, price £4-4s.
PEAG Sales Book 16 June 1903.
PEAG Sales Book 25 Sep 1903, price £4-4s.
O/c 9 x 11. Sgd BL, dtd 03. A man walks right on a wet track leading a horse and cart; he holds something in his hands, with a stick over his right wrist; painted sketchily. CL 24 Mar 1982 (40); DMG Spring 1982 (9 illus).
PEAG Sales Book 15 Sep 1903, price £5-5s.
The Coombe
PEAG Sales Book 16 June 1903, price £14 for nos. 27, 30, 31.
The cup that cheers
PEAG Sales Book 24 Aug 1903, price £5.
The milkmaid
Oil. RA 1903 (733); WAGL 1903 (1036, price £80).
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A view of Newlyn old harbour
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BR in green, dtd 1904. On the quayside at right stand two boys looking at several moored fishing boats; the nearest boat has a raised red sail; behind are the town and hillside; the sky is cloudy grey. PHGM 2001 (6).
Children in Newlyn harbour
O/c 10 x 14. Sgd BR, dtd indis 04. In the foreground is a beached dinghy; two boys lean against the port side each holding something in their hands; the left boy wears a blue jersey and cap and holds a toy boat, the centre boy wears a red-brown smock; at left another boy sits on the ground looking at them, wearing a red tam o’shanter cap. PHGM 2001 (33).

Fisher boy
O/c 12 x 10. Sgd BL, dtd 04. A close-up portrait of a boy in a bright red hat and dark brown jersey, seen against boats in Newlyn harbour; the lighthouse is at TL. CL 25 Sep 1992 (161 illus).

Landing fish
PEAG Sales Book 1904, price £10.
Market day
PEAG Sales Book 20 Oct 1904, price £4-10s.
Mousehole harbour
PEAG Sales Book 1904, price £4-4s.
Newlyn fisherlads
O/c 14 x 16. Sgd BR, dtd indis 1904. In the foreground is a dinghy; in it are a boy facing left seated centre by a basket of fish, and a boy standing with line in hand, his cap touching the upper edge; the sea is loosely sketched. DMG Spring 1982 (8 illus).
Penzance harbour
O/c 5 x 16. Sgd, dtd 1904. P Bath 8 Dec 1986 (95).
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BR, dtd 1904. At right a man in a cap, white shirt and open waistcoat walks to the left behind a plough pulled by a white and a dark brown horse; in the foreground is uncut green meadow; behind are trees, with a cloudy blue sky. This work looks identical to ‘The plough team’ (1900), on a larger scale. PL 13 Nov 1984 (25 ni, prov. QHP); CL 2 Nov 1989 (91 illus); Lane P 5 Dec 1989 (400 illus, as Ploughing the fallow); Lane P 12 July 1990 (399 illus); Lane P 27 Sep 1990 (216 ni); Lane P 10 Oct 1991 (95 illus); Lay P 12 June 1997 (276 illus); Lay P 13 June 2002 (537 illus). Lay P 1 Nov 2012 (562 illus).
The barge (? indis title).
PEAG Sales Book 1904, price £7.
The mangolds
O/c 9.5 x 11.5. Sgd BR, dtd indis 04. At left two boys load mangolds into a cart; behind are trees. PHGM 2001 (21). Bequeathed to Exeter University in the 1950s.
Three boys
O/c 15.75 x 11.5. Sgd BL, dtd indis 1904. Three boys sitting on a grassy bank, the nearest one with bare feet, the right boy with a red cap. PIN p.129 illus, no.70; PHGM 2001 (11); WL. University of Exeter (FAC00207).
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Boys bathing
PEAG Sales Book 15 Sep 1905, price £5-5s.
PEAG Sales Book 22 July 1905, price £26-5s for Cattle, Newlyn Boy, Milking Time and Fishing.
Cottages at Newlyn
PEAG Sales Book 13 May 1905, price £7-7s.
PEAG Sales Book 22 July 1905.
Milking Time
PEAG Sales Book 22 July 1905.
Moment for reflection
O/c 11 x 9. Sgd, dtd 05. Bonhams Bath 22 July 2002 (77).
Newlyn Boy
PEAG Sales Book 22 July 1905.
Newlyn harbour
O/c 10 x 12. Sgd BR in blue-black, dtd 05. Fishing boats tied up to a jetty at left, and at right a sailing boat with red sails, a headland behind it. DMG pub. XVII (15 illus); Lane P 28 Feb 1989 (410 illus, as Penzance fishing boats moored in Newlyn harbour with sails furled); PL 17 Nov 1992 (20, as Fishing boats in Newlyn harbour); PL 2 Nov 1999 (17 illus, as Penzance fishing boats in Newlyn harbour); PL 6 June 2000 (115 illus, as Penzance fishing boats in Newlyn harbour); PHGM 2001 (7, as Fishing boats in Newlyn harbour).
On the quay at Newlyn
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 05. Three men rest against a rail overlooking the jetty; the man at left has his right leg bent, wears a red scarf and smokes a cigarette; the central man wears a bowler hat. Wortley p.211 illus; BITPI (39 illus); DMG pub. V (39 illus); PL 12 Nov 1985 (43 illus).
Preparing bait
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 1905. A dinghy in the foreground; seated in it at right facing left is an older bearded man in a brimmed hat and dark blue jersey, with a fish in his left hand; at left is a boy in a cap and grey jersey holding the steering oar; behind are moored fishing boats and Newlyn harbour buildings. SL 6 Oct 1993 (2 illus); WL.
Seaweed gatherers
O/c 36 x 48. Sgd BR, dtd 05. Two brown horses in file move right over a wet beach, pulling a small cart laden with seaweed, led by a man raising a stick in his right hand; in the foreground a man in a hat and blue jacket speaks to a brown dog looking at him; behind are coastal hills under a grey cloudy sky. CL 3 Mar 1988 (26 illus, as Seaweed gatherers, Cornwall); SL 8 Nov 1989 (5 illus); SL 17 May 2011 (67 illus); Amongst heroes, London 2013. WL.
The orange girl
O/c 13 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 05. A girl in a white smock and blue necklace sits looking at the viewer; her right arm holds a basket of oranges, her left hand is in her lap; behind is foliage and a wooden railing. The PEAG Sales Book records ‘Girl and Oranges’ sold on 14 May 1906 for £4-10s. - PCF C&SI p191 illus. Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro – (1960.4.60).  WL.
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A cooling drink by the wayside
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BR, dtd 1906. A dark horse drinks at a pool, a man standing beside him; at right a man sits on the bank; beyond is shrubby landscape with cottages. Rosebery, West Norwood 16 June 2009 (668 illus).
After the swim
O/c 11 x 16. Sgd BR in brown, dtd indis 06. At left sits a boy half facing us in white hat and whitish shirt, pulling a blue sock onto his left foot, the right foot bare; at right a boy with bare torso lies on his back with left arm outstretched, wearing white hat and brown trousers; behind them is the sea. SL 4 June 2003 (6 illus); SL 25 Nov 2004 (417 illus).
Carrying the oars
O/c 13.5 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 06. At left a boy in a blue cap and jersey looks at the viewer, carrying an oar over his right shoulder; at right another boy in a white shirt and dark blue trousers and whitish cap looks left; behind them is Newlyn harbour with boats and quays. Penzance Arts & Crafts exh. 1906; PL 11 Nov 1986 (48 illus, prov. acquired by the owner’s grandfather directly from the artist).
PEAG Sales Book 28 Aug 1906, price £5.
Cows in Short’s Lane
PEAG Sales Book 2 July 1906, price £4.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BR, dtd 1906. In a field a man sits by a hedge at right, legs extended, his hands holding his food and drink; at left are a white and a dark horse harnessed to a harrow; a boy feeds the white horse. PHGM 2001 (23).
Feeding the calves
O/c 11.75 x 13.5. Sgd BL, dtd 06. In a meadow, two calves at left approach a girl seated in the foreground wearing a white smock; she holds out greenery to the nearest calf; at her right stands a young boy in a pale hat and dark brown clothes. CL 23 Nov 1983 (34 illus); CL 1 July 1993 (37 illus); WL.
Fishing by a woodland stream.
O/c 24 x 20. Sgd BR, dtd 06. On a grassy bank at left a boy sits on a basket fishing in a stream at right; behind, a woman in a white blouse and a girl in a white smock stand on a wooden bridge; beyond are trees. CL 11 July 2013 (105 illus).
Girl and oranges
PEAG Sales Book 14 May 1906, price £4-10s.
In harbour.
PEAG Sales Book 24 Nov 1906, price £5-5s.
Laying the nets.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL in black, dtd 06. A dingh occupies the foreground, in which an old bearded man in hat and blue-grey clothes lights a pipe, facing the viewer; at right a man in a cap and pale clothes sits on the dinghy side, holding up an oar; behind at left are two boats with three men facing right, and a pile of orange nets; in the distance at left is the harbour wall with a sailing boat with orange sails moored alongside; at top right a fishing boat approaches the harbour. PL 5 Nov 1991 (2 illus); PHGM 2001 (9); WL.
Newlyn bridge.
O/c 8 x 12. Sgd BR, dtd 06. The stream flows diagonally in the foreground, leading to the sunlit bridge; at left are buildings with greenery at the water’s edge, and at right the embankment; beyond the bridge are town buildings. PHGM 2001 (32).
Off to market.
O/c 12 x 18. Sgd BR, dtd 06. In the centre a white horse pulls a two-wheeled cart, moving right; sitting in it are an elderly couple, the man at left holding the reins, the woman at right with a basket; in the left foreground a boy in a hat and dark blue jacket stands behind a brown cow with calf at left; further left, a man on horseback talks to two children; at right are a church tower and indistinct buildings. PL 14 June 1988 (11 illus).
Sailing in Newlyn harbour.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BR, dtd 1906. Three boys in a small sailing dinghy moving right, away from us; the left boy holds the steering oar and the other boys guide the sail with strings; in the distance are many boats and the lighthouse is at TR. PIN p.128 illus, no.66; BAL 21218; WL.
O/c 13.5 x 15.5. Sgd, dtd 1906. At left in a meadow overlooking the sea, a woman in a pale dress holds with her right hand a young girl wearing a large hat holding a bunch of flowers; at right are three young girls; beyond is the sea and coast. Perhaps RCA 1909 (230, as Spring); BhL 17 June 1994 (235).
Swinging on the gate.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 06. A five-bar gate occupies most of the picture space; in the foreground a boy in a cap and braces pushes the gate; two girls hang on the gate, the left one wearing a hat. SL 11 Nov 1981 (156); BGL 1985 (12, as Children on a farm gate); WL.
The blacksmith’s forge, Newlyn.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd, dtd 1906. At left a man shoes a brown horse outside the forge; at right are several figures; beyond, a horse and cart descend a sloping road away from tall buildings. Nesbit, Southsea 28 April 2004 (484, as Village forge); Lay P 12 Oct 2004 (692 illus, as The blacksmith’s shop by the old bridge, Newlyn); SL 7 June 2005 (84, as The blacksmith’s forge, Newlyn). Lay P 12 Oct 2004 (692 illus).
The drinking place
O/c 11 x 15. Sgd BL, dtd 06; inscr on reverse. A boy sits on a white horse facing left; the horse drinks from a wooden tub at BL; at right is a brown horse and at BR is a segment of another tub. PHGM 2001 (25).
The wayfarers.
O/c 12 x 18. Sgd BL, dtd 1906. A Gypsy boy on a donkey rides in front of a boy walking with a broom over his right shoulder and a girl with a younger girl holding her hand, who walk before a horse-drawn caravan; the ground is wet. Anderson & Garland, Newcastle 30 Apr 1991 (268, as Gypsy family, 11 x 17); Lane P 13 June 1991 (110 illus); PHGM 2001 (48).
The young farmhand.
O/c 15 x 12. Sgd BR in yellow, dtd 06. Half-length view of a boy facing half-left, in a pale hat and dark blue jacket, a cigarette at the left side of his mouth; with both hands he holds a sheaf of corn over his right shoulder. PL 17 Nov 1998 (3 illus).
Two Ayrshires.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 06. In a sunlit meadow, a cow in the foreground faces left towards another; behind a young girl in a white blouse approaches them with food in her apron. CL 3 Mar 1988 (25 illus); SL 8 Nov 1989 (22 illus, as A farm girl with two Ayrshire cows); PHGM 2001 (12, as Farm girl with Ayrshire cows); WL.
Unloading the boats, Newlyn harbour.
O/c 12 x 18. Sgd BL in black, dtd 06. At far right a man carries a large box on his back; behind him a man in a dinghy wields a long oar; in the centre a horse draws a cart laden with boxes, moving left through shallow water; at far left an empty card moves right; in the distance are sailing boats at right and the quay at left; the sky is grey; the colours are muted blues, greys and browns. BhL 21 June 2007 (101 illus).
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 06. A dinghy moves away to the right, its stern nearest us; in the stern sits a boy in blue clothes working the rudder oar; on the starboard bow sits an old man lighting his pipe; on the port bow is a boy in a white jacket; a package wrapped in red cloth lies on a cross-beam; in the background are many sailing ships, and at TR the end of a pier. CL 23 Nov 2001 (35 illus).

Unloading the boats, Newlyn harbour. 
O/c 12 x 18.  Sgd BL in black, dtd 06. At far right a man carries a large box on his back; behind him a man in a dinghy wields a long oar; in the centre a horse draws a cart laden with boxes, moving left through shallow water; at far left an empty cart moves right; in the distance are sailing boats at right and the quay at left; the sky is grey; the colours are muted blues, greys and browns.   BhL 21 June 2007 (101 illus).

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Alderman A K Barnett.
O/c 46 x 38. Sgd BL, dtd 07. Inscr on frame ‘Alderman A K Barnett FGS, Mayor of Penzance 1907-1911, 1913, 1914’. The tall standing figure, with a trimmed beard and centre-parted hair, looks at the viewer; he wears mayoral robes, trimmed with fur collar, and the chain of office on his chest; the background is plain and dark. PCF C&SI p113 illus.  Penlee House Gallery & Museum (1989.210). WL.
Broccoli pickers
O/c 12 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 07.  At left, two men fill a tall basket; at right is a horse and cart with a boy standing holding the bridle; at right foreground is a filled basket; beyond is a hazy view of Mount’s Bay.  Tennants, Leyburn 23 Nov 2000 (820 illus); DMG Spring 2001. Probably PEAG Sales Book 13 Mar 1908, price £7-10s, as Gathering broccoli
Farm yard, evening.
PEAG Sales Book 11 Sep 1907, price £7-7s.
O/c 16 x 13. Sgd, dtd 07. Hartley, Ilkley 7 Dec 1994 (571).
Fishing for bullcod, Larrigan Rocks.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 07. At left a boy in a white hat, blue shirt and fishing smock sits on the rocks, facing the viewer, legs outstretched before him, feet bare, and both arms balancing on rocks; at right, behind him, another boy in a white hat lies prone with his right arm outstretched to a pool, holding a fine line; beyond are sea, gulls and coast. Larrigan Rocks are between Newlyn and Penzance, where the Larrigan River enters Mount’s Bay. PL 13 June 1989 (48 illus).
Girl’s head.
PEAG Sales Book 28 Mar 1907, price £6.
Home from the fields.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 07. At left a white horse pulls a small cart with a boy driving it towards us along a road beside a tall hedge with little foliage; the cart is laden with produce; at right a girl in white and a boy lean on curving railings, the boy extending his right hand to a dog.
Moored fishing boats in Newlyn harbour.
O/cb 11.5 x 9.25. Sgd in dark red BR, dtd 07. In the fore-ground six or seven dinghies are moored alongside each other; the nearer boat has a red hull; a further, larger, one is marked PZ 58 (?); behind lies the town with a hill at TL. CL 12 June 1987 (124 illus); WL.
Newlyn harbour.
O/c 25 x 30. Sgd BR, dtd 07. In the foreground stands a fisherman holding a long fish in his left hand; other fish are laid out on the slipway; at left a small boat is moored with two men in it; at right the slipway rises past houses. PL 21 Nov 1995 (60 illus, as Mousehole harbour); Under the open sky, by C Wallace p62 illus. Plymouth Art Gallery (LO80). WL.
Newlyn street scene.
O/c 11 x 12. Sgd BR in black, dtd 07. Sunlit view of South Pier with the lighthouse in left middle distance and boats tied up; in the left foreground a man sits on a railing set on a rising path; at right three figures with hats are seated against a house wall, before an external stair. BAL 38464; PL 16 June 1987 (11 illus, as A sunny morning).
Penzance fishing boat PZ 582 moored before Newlyn slip.
O/c 16 x 12. Sgd BR, dtd 1907. Several boats are tied up in the centre; the nearest boat, PZ 582, has red nets hung upon a spar; above are the sunlit houses of Newlyn; at right a man oars a small dinghy; in the foreground the sea reflects the boats. Lane P 28 Feb 1989 (411 ni).
Penzance fishing boats moored in Newlyn harbour.
O/c 12 x 10. Sgd, dtd 1907. Lane P 30 May 1989 (550 illus).
Penzance harbour.
PEAG Sales Book 5 May 1907, price £4.
Oil. RA 1907 (740).

Returning from the orchard.  
O/c 24 x 20.  Sgd BR, dtd 07.  A boy in grey bonnet, waistcoat open over white shirt, and gaiters walks left across a meadow carrying a large basket of apples on his left shoulder; several calves follow him; beyond are trees, a calm sea and a white breakwater; the sky is pale blue.  SL 19 November 2008 (30 illus). 

Summer time.
PEAG Sales Book 2 Jan 1907, price £10-10s.
The river.
O/c. Sgd BL, dtd 07. A small river in spate, seen from a flowery bank; the other bank forms the top of the composition. The paint is loosely applied, with much canvas left visible.
Trevaylor stream, near Penzance.
O/c 8 x 11.5. Sgd BL, dtd 07. The dark stream rushes over rocks in the foreground; at BL wild flowers grow on the bank. Trevaylor is a broad-leaf wood with tall beech trees growing in a narrow valley cutting into the Penwith Moors north of Penzance. SL 6 Feb 1985 (254 illus); PL 12 Nov 1985 (64 ni); PL 28 Jan 1986 (53 ni); PHGM 2001 (26).
O/c 15 x 11. Sgd BL, dtd 07. In a garden a woman and two girls dressed in white handle baskets of clean laundry for laying out to dry; beyond is Newlyn harbour, hills and fields. PL 6 Nov 1990 (43 illus). WL.
Woman and child.
PEAG Sales Book June 1907, price £10.
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A boy with his dog.
O/c 12.5 x 16.5. Sgd BL, dtd 1908. On the grassy bank of a ditch, a boy in a white hat sits facing right with a brown dog beside him. SL 9 Nov 1988 (30 illus); WL.
Back from the (? Drying). Last word of title is not clear
PEAG Sales Book 24 Mar 1908, price £8-8s.

Boys fishing on a quay. O/c 12 x 16.  Sgd BR, dtd 1908.  In the foreground, two boys wearing caps, pale tops and brown shorts sit on a quay facing the viewer; the right boy has a fish in both hands, with a red one beside him on the quay; the left boy holds a line; at left a dinghy passes with two figures; behind is the town; the sky and sea are pale blue-green. CSK 10 May 2001 (164 illus); The Antiques Magazine 26 May 2001, illus; DMG Spring 2009 (13 illus).

Boys with model boat.
O/c 11 x 13. Sgd, dtd 08. CL 16 Mar 1977 (15).
Feeding time.
O/c 12 x 14. Sgd BL in black, dtd 08. At right facing left stands a girl in blue blouse and white apron, holding two pails suspended from a hoop; she approaches a seven-barred iron gate, behind which stand a white/brown and two brown calves. PL 17 Nov 1998 (34 illus); Country Life 4 Mar 1999 p.34 (illus advert); DMG Autumn 1999 (8 illus) and Winter 2000 (9 illus); Homes & Antiques Nov 2000, p.69 (illus); CL 22 Nov 2002 (39 illus). WL
Girl in a Gypsy encampment.
O/c 4 x 7. Sgd, dtd 1908. Lane P 24 Apr 2001 (235).
Girl with cabbage.
O/c 11 x 18. Sgd, dtd 1908. In the foreground a girl in dark clothes and with red cheeks looks at the viewer, her hands holding cabbages; at right two young girls stand before a whitewashed farm building with barred windows; some white ducks forage in the road. PHGM 2001 (19).
Milking time.
O/c 15 x 18. Sgd BL, dtd 1908. Cows in the foreground, and at left in the distance a woman carrying a milk churn. RCA 1910 (180, price £15-15s); RA 1911 (555); PIN p.129 illus, no. 67, as Cows; Sotheby & Bearnes, Torquay 19 Nov 1980 (394); PHGM 2001 (50); WL.
O/c 24 x 30. Sgd BL, dtd 1908. The north part of the harbour with the sea at left; at right is the Ship Inn; in the foreground stand a boy, a mother carrying a pitcher in her left hand, and a girl child; in the middle distance stand three sailors, the left one in a white jumper leaning against the harbour railing. The colours are very muted. Perhaps LG 1918 (16) as Monschole harbour; PL 13 Nov 1984 (71 illus, prov. QHP); CL 6 Mar 1986 (79 illus); WL
Newlyn. O/c 10 x 12. Sgd BL, dtd 08. An almost identical version of the larger painting ‘Mousehole’ but without the boy standing in the foreground, different boats in the harbour, and less building at far right. SL 13 July 2010 (133, as Mousehole, Newlyn); Newlyn School Gallery, Penzance, 2010, as Mousehole cliff, Newlyn.
Portrait of a girl.
O/c 11.25 x 9.25. Sgd BR, dtd 08. Head and shoulder portrait of a girl turned left but facing the viewer, with a dark blue hat over thick plaits, and a mid-blue dress; the background is plain mid-brown. CL 12 June 1986 (87 illus).
Sunshine and shadow.
Oil. RA 1908 (546); WAGL 1908 (198, price £63).
The day’s catch.
O/c 12 x 18. Sgd BL, dtd 08. Label on reverse attributing ownership to Lady Lonsborough. At left is a donkey-cart facing us; at right several fish are laid on the shore and beside them stands a fisherman with a basket in his left hand; behind are many people standing watching; behind them are fishing boats and a coastal steamer, with land rising at far right; the sky is cloudy. CL 16 Dec 2009 (75 illus) ; Lay P 20 Oct 2011 (319 illus, as The dawn tally). Waddingtons, Toronto 2 Dec 2008 (146 as Fishermen at Newlyn harbour); CL 16 Dec 2009 (75 illus, as The day’s catch); Dreweatts, Newbury 14 Dec 2010 (1204 illus as The day’s catch); Lay P 20 Oct 2011 (319 illus, as The dawn tally).
The Farmgate.
O/c 34 x 44. Sgd BR in black, dtd 1908. In the centre a cart with a red body is drawn by a black horse and a white horse in file, moving left along a wet path among trees; a boy sits on the cart with the reins; at right two figures watch. The tonality is very dark. SL 20 May 1990 (10 illus, as A cart by the farm gates); CL 21 Nov 1995 (87 illus); CL 28 Nov 1996 (69); WL.
The girl and the frog.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 08. On a grassy area beside a sun-dappled pond, a young girl with very long platted hair sits facing right; she has a blue dress and bare feet; she looks at a large frog seated at right by her feet. The girl may be Mornie Birch, who had long plaits. The picture derives from the story of the princess and the prince-frog. DMG 1990 (10 illus). WL.
The Gypsy encampment.
O/c 12 x 18. Sgd BL in black, dtd indis 08. At right a young woman with red headscarf stands facing the viewer, her left hand on hip, the right hand holding a pail; beside her is a small stream; at left stand a white and a black horse; behind is a gypsy caravan and a fire with figures seated round it; the sky is pale and cloudy. Lane P 10 Feb 1998 (240 illus); PL 2 Nov 1999 (18 illus, as The Gypsy camp); PHGM 2001 (46).
The meeting in the lane.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 1908. In a lane flanked by wintry trees, a young man in dark cap and clothes rides a white horse, accompanied by a black horse at left; they move towards lower left; the man looks at a young woman standing at lower right, in hat and blue clothes; her left hand is visible. A very dark painting. PL 21 Nov 1995 (47 illus); P Webb, Auckland, NZ 14 Dec 1998 (144). WL.

The Old Slip, Newlyn. 
O/c 12 x 18.  Sgd BL in brown, dtd 08.  The Slip makes a diagonal shape from left to right, rising up to Fore Street; three men walk towards us each carrying fishing tools; the right man wears a white smock and carries an oar over his right shoulder; on the foreshore are a few boats and men about them.  CL 5 June 2008 (19 illus, damaged at CR).

The Old Slip, Newlyn.
O/c 16 x 12. Sgd BL within a drawn rectangular box, dtd 08. At right is a narrow path beside the harbour, with metal railings, and a woman walking toward the viewer; in the middle, at the foot of a path rising steeply to the town, a woman facing left in a blue blouse speaks to two men in a dinghy alongside; above the town buildings is a cloudy sky. Lane P 27 Mar 1990 (150 illus, as Boats and figures on the Old Newlyn Slip); Lane P 12 July 1990 (260 illus); BhL 20 Oct 1994 (42).
The village street, Newlyn.
O/c 22 x 18. Sgd BL in red-brown, dtd 08. At left are thatched houses painted in blue-grey on a street curving away to the right; by a house stands a white horse with a cart, a man tending the green vegetables on it; beside him at left stands a woman holding a child in her arms, an older girl in a white dress, and another in a green blouse with a basket over her right arm; at right are the houses of the town, with two figures and a white dog by a wall; beyond are wintry trees and a grey, cloudy sky. SL 3 July 2002 (6 illus).
The watering place.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BR, dtd 08; title inscr on label on back of frame. A white horse half faces the viewer and drinks from a pool or stream; a man sits on it facing left, wearing a flat cap; in the TL a brown horse approaches, ridden by a man with white shirt sleeves. PL 13 Nov 1984 (57 illus); BGL 1985 (13); CL 12 June 1986 (88 illus, as The drinking place, prov. QHP); CL 29 July 1988 (140 illus); BAL 63790; WL
O/c 15.5 x 11.5. Sgd BR, dtd 08. Four young women with baskets moving right across a sloping, sunny meadow. LWG Mar 1982 (34 illus, as Washing day); PL 6 Nov 1990 (43).
Whiffling for mackerel.
O/c 11 x 13. Sgd BL, dtd 08. In the foreground is a dinghy in which an older man in cap and white jersey facing right holds a line over the right side; at left lies a basket of silvery fish; behind him a younger man in cap and a dark green jersey leans over the stern; beyond is the harbour with lighthouse; above is a very thin strip of sky. The correct term is ‘whiffing’. SL 19 May 1982 (5 illus); WL.
Young washergirls.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd, dtd 08. Lawrence, Crewkerne 25 Sep 1980 (377).
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A boat’s crew, Newlyn harbour.
Three men in a dinghy moving left away from the viewer; at the stern a man stands holding the steering oar; the harbour wall is in the distance. The Studio 1909, p.116 illus.
A Cornish lane.
RCA Summer 1909 (244, price £10-10s).
A view of Newlyn.
O/c 12 x 13.5. Sgd BL in black, dtd 09. The foreground shows a harbour roadway with handrail at right and houses at left; beyond are the sunlit town and harbour with boats; the sky is cloudy. DMG 1978; PHGM 2001 (30).
Boy fishing.
O/c 14 x 22. Sgd, dtd 09. PL 13 Nov 1984 (58 ni, prov. QHP).
Boy whittling.
O/c 16 x 12.  Sgd faintly BL, dtd 09.  A boy in cap and waistcoat open over a white shirt, with brown trousers, approaches the viewer between trees among which grow yellow daffodils; his left hand holds a stick and he applies a knife with his right hand; he is followed at left by a dog.  The painting is in pale tones. PL 13 Nov 1984 (60 illus, prov. QHP); Lane P 12 Oct 1993 (100, as Boy whittling a stick); SL 5 Mar 1997 (33 illus); SL 11 Dec 2007 (63 illus, as Boy whittling a stick); WL.
Boy with a calf.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BR, dtd 1909. A boy stands in a rural road with a calf walking before him on a lead; the calf is brown with a white patch on the forehead; at right is a hedge; a thin sliver of sky is visible; the boy and calf are in strong contre-jour. PHGM 2001 (16).
Collecting gulls’ eggs, Mevagissey.
O/c 24 x 30. Sgd BR, dtd 09. In a meadow with wild flowers, two boys kneel at left, the furthest holding a cap with eggs in it; at right another boy stands looking with hands on his knees; in the distance are a harbour and sea. The scene has also been identified as Newlyn. Wortley p.271 illus.
Inner harbour.
O/c 10 x 14. Sgd BL, dtd 1909. At left are Newlyn houses, with several boats in the foreground; in one boat a man stands with an oar. DMG Autumn 1974 (32 illus).
Newlyn Coombe.
O/c 16 x 12. Sgd BL, dtd 09. The stream cuts diagonally across the BR, and at left are houses, behind which rises a long hill with trees; snow lies on the roofs and on the ground. Given by Harvey to his nephew Raymond as a wedding present in 1937. PHGM 2001 (8).
PEAG Sales Book 29 Mar 1909, price £9.
Portrait of a young girl.
Black chalk 19.75 x 14.5. Sgd, dtd 1909. A young girl seated in a chair facing right but looking at the viewer; the chair back is draped with a (? blanket). SL 14 July 1982 (29 illus); WL
Pulling in the creels.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 09. Two fishermen in a small boat moving right, the left man holding the steering oar, the right man pulling in a basket. Creels are lobster pots. SL 2 Nov 1983 (4 illus); SL 18 July 1984 (238).
Seaweed gatherers, Mount’s Bay.
A young man with back to the viewer leads a white and a dark horse pulling a cart laden with seaweed, moving right on a beach; beyond is the sea. The Studio 1909 p.117 illus.
Seaweed gatherers.
O/c. Sgd BL in black, dtd 09. A white and a black horse pull a laden cart, moving left across wet sand; at right a man rakes seaweed. Barnes Thomas, Penzance 5 Sep 2011 (282 illus).
RCA Summer 1909 (230, price £10-10s).
Spring in Cornwall.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 09. A brown and white cow stands in the foreground of a meadow, with other cows behind at right; the skyline is high. Lane P 6 Mar 1997 (101 ni, as Springtime in Cornwall); SL 1 Oct 1997 (42 illus); Lay P 17 Feb 2000 (544 illus); PHGM 2001 (13). WL.
Supper time.
O/c Sgd BL in black, dtd 09. At left a young mother in dark blouse and pale skirt sits in a wooden chair feeding a girl on her lap; reddish firelight shines on the mother’s skirt; at right is a pot plant on a sill, and dusky light comes through the window. RCA Summer 1909 (272, price £26-10s); CL 21 Nov 2003 (43 illus) ; CL 5 June 2008 (23 illus); CSK 3 Sep 2008 (217 illus); CSK 25 Feb 2009 (988 illus).
The close of a summer’s day.
O/c 50 x 40. Sgd BL in brown, dtd 09. Inscr with title and artist’s address on a label on the stretcher. A boy on a white horse crosses a stream towards us; he looks left at a man on the bank with two brown horses; behind are tall trees. WAGL 1909; Fox p.76 illus; Paradise Lost (illus p. 68 as Watering the horse) by C Wood, pub. Barrie & Jenkins, London 1988; SL 2 Nov 1983 (16); RGG May 1984 (20 illus); CL 5 Mar 1987 (45 illus); Lay P 30 Mar 1989 (724 illus cover); SL 13 Dec 2005 (69 illus); WL.
The lane to Paul.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL, dtd 09. A young woman carrying a pail in her left hand walks towards us behind a calf on a country lane; behind are trees, and a full moon at left. PHGM 2001 (15).
The village pump.
O/c 16 x 13. Sgd, dtd 09. Mentioned in the Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 as having “specially caught our eye.” HP Aug 1912 (42); Bearnes Torquay 7 Mar 1995 (573).
Three fishermen.
O/c 18 x 20. Sgd BL in red, dtd 09. Close-up of three old men facing left, wearing different hats, the middle man lighting a pipe, all seated against a stone wall, probably the Old Quay at Newlyn. The fishermen have been identified as John, Joseph and William Jeffery. Fox p.75 illus; PL 13 Nov 1984 (64 illus, prov. QHP); CL 21 Nov 2003 (42 illus). WL.
Wading ashore.
O/c 16 x 14. Sgd BL, dtd 09. In the foreground a young girl stands in the surf, wearing a white smock over a red dress; a younger child is clinging to her back, in a cream hat and green jersey; beyond are more children in the sea, with sailing boats and the coast in the distance. CL 21 Nov 1995 (92 illus); SL 4 Mar 1998 (25); PHGM 2001 (41). WL
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PEAG Sales Book 24 Sep 1910, price £5.
RCA Summer 1910, price £10-10s.
Fishermen in harbour.
O/c 16 x 13. Sgd, dtd 1910. SL 18 Sep 1979 (6).
PEAG Sales Book 1910, price £10-10s.
Whiffling outer harbour.
O/c 16 x 14. Sgd BR in black, dtd 1910. In the foreground a dinghy moves towards the viewer; seated at its bow is a young man in brown cap and white shirt; at the tiller sits an older man in cap and dark blue jacket; behind at right is the harbour quay and lighthouse; at upper left is a large sailing vessel. The correct term is ‘whiffing’. PL 10 Mar 1987 (12 illus); Lane P 28 Feb 1989 (100 illus, as Father and son in small rowing boat sculling across Newlyn harbour).
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