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Harold Harvey Paintings 1911 – 1920
He married Gertrude Bodinnar, also an artist, in 1911. In 1913 he had his first London show. From 1914 he created a long series of interior views, often set in his own home, and featuring his wife, friends and local people. These scenes are often painted in a crisper style than previously, and several include small still-lives of tableware. He was exempted from military service, presumably for reasons of health.

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Ducks swimming.
O/c 16 x 14.  Sgd, dtd 1911.  BL 22 Feb 1978 (132 ni).

Morning sunshine
O/c 36 x 28.  Sgd BR, dtd 1911.  On a grassy hillside two young women walk towards the viewer, the right one in blue skirt and green blouse and carrying a basket in her right hand; the left woman has pale pink clothes and a green hat.  RA 1911 (307); PL 20 June 1983 (17 illus); FAS 1985 (17 illus, as Bringing in the washing); CL 6 Mar 1986 (80 illus); WL.

Newlyn harbour at dusk with figures on the slip
O/c 16 x 18.  Sgd BR, dtd 1911.  The Old Quay is in the foreground and houses at left, with boats moored beyond; in the distance are houses and lights.  Lane P 28 Feb 1989 (370 illus); DMG Autumn 2010 (26 illus, as The old harbour at dusk, Newlyn); DMG May 2012 (6 illus, as The old harbour at dusk, Newlyn, 1911).

Portrait of Gertrude Bodinnar
O/p 10 x 8. Painted shortly before her marriage in 1911. Gertrude faces left, her hair done up; she wears a pale green dress; the background is plain dark brown. PL 23 Apr 1985 (32 ni); PL 18 June 1985 (55).

Portrait of Percival George Francis Harvey
O/c 12 x 10.  Sgd BR, dtd 1911.  PGF Harvey was Harold’s nephew, born 1908.  Head and shoulders view of a young boy turned left but facing the viewer, with a mop of blonde curly hair and open-mouthed smile, wearing white clothes; the background is neutral dark. MAGN 2001 (34).

Pulling in the catch
O/c 12 x 16.  Sgd BR, dtd 1911. A dinghy in the foreground, in which a boy at left stands holding the rudder; at right a man in a white jersey pulls in a net from the right; by the net are seagulls; the coast is in the distance at right; the sky is pale cream.  The paint is thickly applied.  PL 10 Nov 1987 (15 illus); PL 14 June 1988 (10 illus); WL
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A Cornish summer landscape
O/c 18 x 20.  Sgd BL, dtd 1912.  In the foreground at left a man walks behind two cows and a calf, moving right in a meadow; beyond are rolling fields; the sky is grey and cloudy.  Sotheby Taunton 26 Sep 1979 (506); PHGM 2001 (14, as A Cornish landscape).

A field of flowers
O/c 16 x 14.  Sgd BR, dtd 1912.  Two young girls in a green meadow; the right girl faces left and has a cream dress and bare feet; the left girl wears a large cream hat and lies on her left side, holding red flowers in her right hand. SL 10 Mar 1982 (96 illus, as Two children in a field, as dated 1922; SL 21 May 1986 (68 illus); CL 16 June 2005 (139 illus). WL.
O/c 60 x 50.  Sgd BR, dtd 1912.  In a sunny orchard, at left a girl facing centre stands wearing a red smock over a white blouse and dark skirt; with both hands she holds a large pannier of apples; at right a girl in white blouse and dark skirt kneels under a tree gathering apples and puts them into a pannier beside her.  RA 1912 (362); WAGL 1913 (88, price £100); perhaps MG 1913, as Apple Harvest, which was mentioned in The Morning Post of 30 May 1913.  PCF C&SI p191 illus.  Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro (1921.34), bought 1921 for £50.  WL.
April showers
Described in the Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 as “a masterful work, strength and beauty of colouring being the principal features”. HP Aug 1912 (2); WP 8 June 1920 (91).
Blackberry harvest
Mentioned in the Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 as “no one could wish for a prettier picture”. HP Aug 1912 (29); WP 8 June 1920 (116).
Blackthorn over Newlyn
O/c 14 x 16.  Sgd, dtd 1912.  White blossom bushes against a distant blue sea with coast; in the foreground a girl faces right towards two younger girls, one in a red hat.  DMG pub. VIII (57 illus); SL 28 Sep 1994.
Cows in a lane
O/c 18 x 20.  Sgd BR, dtd 1912.  At left stands a pale brown cow turned right, facing the viewer; in front stands a white calf with darker head; at right another cow eats grass, attended by a man in a hat and black clothes.  CL 10 Nov 1988 (49 illus); PL 23 Jan 1990 (10 illus); WL
End of the day
Mentioned in the Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912. HP Aug 1912 (8); WP 8 June 1920 (76).
Faggot gatherers
O/c 20 x 22. Sgd BL; early style. In a copse, a girl in the foreground faces left wearing a white blouse and a coloured headscarf, holding a bundle of wood wrapped in a cloth; behind her, at left, another girl bends to the ground, her right arm outstretched. The woods at Higher Faughan were a source of faggots. The Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 said “The large work Faggot Gatherers will repay careful inspection. The girl in the foreground is a typical Cornish girl and there is no mistake about the way in which she hugs to her breast the big bundle of faggots confined in an old brown wrapper.” HP Aug 1912 (7); probably Mendoza Galleries 1913, reviewed as among the best of his pictures there; CL 11 June 1982 (5 illus, as Two girls gathering faggots).
Feeding the pigeons 
O/c 16 x 20.  Sgd BR, dtd 1912.  On a sunny  terrace with white columns a girl in a dark blue dress over a white blouse stands holding a flat basket in her hands; before her a few pigeons eat their feed; at right is a deck chair.
Girl with blue bow.  O/c 16 x 12.  Sgd, dtd 12.  Head and shoulders view of a young girl facing the viewer, with a blue bow in her hair above her right ear; she wears a dark grey dress over a grey shirt; the background is plain black.  PL 11 Nov 1986 (49 illus).
O/c 16 x 14.  Sgd BR. A girl in a red dress, with a cream sunlit parasol, and a book open on her lap, sits on a grassy bank , with a small girl in a white dress sitting beside her at left.  Cardiff 1914; PHGM 2001 (40). National Museums & Galleries of Wales, Cardiff A2173; bought 1912 for £10.
O/c 15 x 19.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 12.  A sunlit view; in the foreground a young girl in a bright pink dress holds a coloured whirler; behind her is a younger girl in a green coat with a whirler; at right a boy in brown clothes lies and a girl in a bright pink dress sits on a grass-topped stone wall; beyond are blue sea and pale grey sky. Plymouth Art Gallery 1913; B&W Torquay 5 Sep 1984 (247); Pyms Gallery Autumn 1984 (30 illus); SL 9 Dec 2008 (152 illus). Lyon & Turnbull, Edinburgh 29 Nov 2012 (65 illus).
In the harvest field
Described in the Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 as “a mother resting with her baby during the heat of the noonday [which] reminds one of some of our best representations of the Madonna and Child. The modelling of the figure of the mother is extremely good; the face is hidden beneath a sun bonnet, but is so finely suggested that the beholder can form his own idea of beauty from it.” Mentioned in the Morning Post 30 May 1913 for its “pleasing manner in which homely matters are rendered”. HP Aug 1912 (24); MG 1913 (43); WP 8 June 1920 (73).
In the orchard
O/c 15 x 18.  Sgd BL, dtd 1912, inscr on the stretcher ‘ In the Orchard Harold Harvey’.  In an orchard with blossoming trees, women at left rake the ground; the foremost woman has a red headscarf; in the distance buildings rise above the trees. HP Aug 1912 (9).  PL 11 Nov 1986 (45 illus); CL 11 Mar 1994 (3 illus).  WL.
O/c 12 x 18. Sgd BL in brown. On a path beside the sea four children play marbles; at left two lean against a fence, at centre a boy in a red jumper throws a marble towards four others; at right a boy stands with hands on knees; left of the fence is a meadow and in the middle distance are tall trees and factories with chimneys; beyond is Penzance and a patch of sea. The Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 said “Nothing could be finer or more true to local colouring and character than ‘Marbles’.” HP Aug 1912 (21); RGG May 2008 (SP4661, as c1905).
O/c 21 x 27.  Sgd BL, dtd 1912.  Among sunlit trees by a stream, a woman at left stands watching four young girls dancing around a young tree; a girl in a large brimmed hat and white dress sits by the woman.  Wortley p.221 illus.
Mentioned in the Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 as “A more charming figure of gracefulness could hardly be imagined than that of the young woman reclining on the warm grass in ‘Maytime’ (44) but the small figure of the child in the middle distance rather jars on the nerves.” This does not seem to be the painting illustrated in Wortley. HP Aug 1912 (44).
Mending the nets
O/c 18 x 20.  Sgd BL, dtd 1912.  In a grassy meadow, in the foreground a young man with his back to the viewer and in a cap and blue jacket, works on a brown net laid on the grass; at right a boy lies on the grass, with a white shirt and a cap, holding a pipe in his right hand, watching the man work; at TR is a glimpse of blue sea. HP Aug 1912 (41); DMG Autumn 1974 (25 illus).
Old Newlyn harbour
O/paper 12 x 14.5. Sgd, dtd 1912. Several small boats in the left foreground; at right is the harbour with larger boats; done in pale blues and greys. Lay P 12 April 2012 (467 illus).
On the rocks
Described in the Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 as “a delightful picture of skilful drawing and bright crisp colour.” HP Aug 1912 (3).
Planting potatoes
O/c 18 x 16.  Sgd BR, dtd 1912; title inscr on the back.  In the foreground two women work with buckets of potatoes; the left figure wears a black blouse and headscarf; the right figure wears a red headscarf and grey waistcoat; at right two men work on a sloping field; beyond are trees and fields. PHGM 2001 (22).
Polishing day
O/c 18 x 16.  Sgd, dtd 1912; title inscr on the back.  In a dark cottage room, two young women by a window clean a variety of copper and brass utensils; the left figure wears a red jacket; at the lower edge are a polished kettle and other items; at right is a wooden arm chair.  B&W Torquay 23 May 1984 (378); PHGM 2001 (35).
Springtime in the orchard
O/c 29.5 x 22. Sgd BL. A woman in white clothes sits in the left foreground by a narrow path on a sunlit sloping meadow with trees in pale-pink blossom; a child stands beside her in white smock, yellow brimmed hat and blue skirt, with hands behind its back; a few people stand among the trees; beyond at right is Newlyn harbour and Mounts Bay; the sky is cloudy grey with some blue patches. Described in the Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 as “one of the largest pictures in the (HP) collection… it contains many passages of wonderfully fine colour … it is a striking picture.” HP Aug 1912 (35); Sothebys New York 8 Nov 2012 (68 illus).
The baker boy on Newlyn Bridge
O/c 24 x 20.   Sgd BR, dtd 1912. A boy with a basket full of bread sits on the wall of the bridge at Newlyn; on the right is a man sat on a horse and cart, talking to a standing man;  three young girls walk towards us on the bridge, and three men stand together at the centre of the bridge; behind the bridge is a tall building. Lane P 24 April 2001 (50 illus).
The gate
PEAG Sales Book Aug 1912, price £11 for The gate and The shop.
The kite
Mentioned in the Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 as “It is surprising that such an artist as Mr Harold Harvey should have introduced such a niggling passage of colour as that seen in The Kite (43). The landscape, although somewhat dwarfed by the figures, is good, and the figures themselves are very finely modelled; but the tail of the kite!” HP Aug 1912 (43).
The meadow by the sea
The Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 said it is “another charming work.” HP Aug 1912 (15).
The new calf
RCA Summer 1912 (22, price £10-10s).
The poppy field
Described in the Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 as “A more daring composition than The Poppy Field it would be hard to imagine, but Mr Harvey has made a really striking picture of it.” HP Aug 1912 (17).
The rainbow
O/c 18 x 20.  Sgd, dtd 12; title inscr on the stretcher.  At lower left stand four cows beside a hedge; beyond at right is an extensive landscape view with a white farmhouse catching the sun; at right is a rainbow; the sea beyond may be Mount’s Bay.  PL 12 Nov 1985 (54 illus).
The shop
PEAG Sales Book Aug 1912.
The tea party
O/c 24 x 30. Sgd BL, dtd 1912.  At a table with a white cloth sit three girls; the left one has a long plait down her back; the centre girl drinks from a cup; the right girl has her back to us; at left is a window. Label verso for Hull (Autumn) 1912.  Perhaps RA 1912 (724 as A tea party). PHGM 2001 (37). PCF C&SI p112 illus. Lane P 27 Sep 2012 (100 illus). Penlee House Gallery & Museum (2004.L3P).
The wayside minstrels
O/c 15 x 18.  Sgd BL, dtd 1912. Inscr Wayside Minstrels on the stretcher.  On a hillside overlooking the sea, among wild flowers, sit a man and a young woman; the man sits at left looking left and wears a red scarf, a cigarette in his mouth, holding an accordion; the woman sits at right looking at the man, and wears a patterned headscarf and pink blouse; on the sea are several small sailing boats.  MG 1913, of which The Queen wrote on 24 May 1913 “the charm of the picture lies in the placing of the two seated figures on the grass with background of sea and sky”. William Hardie, Glasgow 31 Aug 1994 (74 illus, as The accordionist, as dtd 1902).   CL 22 Nov 1994 (244 illus, as dated 1922); SL 7 June 2005 (89, as dated 1922).
Tired out
O/c 18 x 15. Sgd BR (underlined). Inscr Harold Harvey on label on reverse. A woman in yellow blouse and white skirt, facing left, holds in her arms a young girl with a white smock over a dark dress; in the background are orchard trees, with red blossom at upper left. The Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 noted its “depth of elegant tone and loving carefulness in drawing”; mentioned by the Western Daily Press on 2 April 1913. HP Aug 1912 (16); Frost & Reed 1913; LG 1927 (27); PIN p.129 illus, no.68; PHGM 2001 (47); WL.
Under sixteen
O/c 13.5 x 15.5. Sgd BL in black; c1906. Title inscr on reverse. A young boy stands centre, facing the viewer, a lit cigarette in his mouth; he wears a cap and dark blue jersey, and carries a basket of green vegetables over his left arm; behind is a white house. Described in the Western Daily Mercury of 23 Aug 1912 as showing “a keen sense of humour in (the) delightful drawing of a boy smoking a cigarette”; Frost & Reed 1913; noticed by the Western Daily Press on 2 April 1913; WP 8 June 1920 (137); PHGM 2001 (18).
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A Cornish beach
W/c 5.5 x 9.  Sgd, dtd 13.  Lay P 9 Sep 1983 (825 ni).

A day of rest
O/c 18 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 13. A young woman with a white shawl and dark cap and gloves, holds a red book inscribed with a cross.  The location is said to be Mount Misery, Newlyn. PL 12 Nov 1985 (65 ni, as Going to church); PL 28 Jan 1986 (52 ni, as A day of rest); Lay P 6 Feb 1992 (20 illus, as Day of rest); PHGM 2001 (57, as Sunday best). Lane P 27 Nov 2008 (50 illus, as Sunday best).
A girl with her doll
O/b 14 x 7.  Sgd BL, dtd 13; inscr labels on frame and stretcher with Harvey’s name and address.  A full length standing view of a girl in dark clothes facing right, holding a doll with red clothes; at right is a green stable door with the top half open; at BR is a red area on the ground. At the end after ‘ground’ replace the end text with :
CL 16 June 2005 (23, as A girl with her doll); BL 29 Nov 2005 (4 illus, as Girl holding a doll); Lane P 27 Nov 2008 (523 as Her favourite doll); Lane P 12 June 2012 (70 illus, as The favourite doll).
A quiet paddle
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BL, dtd 13.  Two young girls sitting on a rocky beach, both with plaits and bare feet; the left girl wears a white dress, the right girl a pink dress.  SL 10 Mar 1993 (11 illus; bought from Morrab Studio, Penzance 1918). Exhb. Barbican Art Gallery, London 1995 ‘Impressionism in Britain’ (96 illus) and Dublin 1995. WL.
Boats at Newlyn harbour
O/c 20 x 18. Sgd BL, dtd indis 13. In the foreground a fishing boat with two masts is moored, with a dinghy alongside carrying a man in a blue shirt; behind, the pier lies laterally across the canvas, with boats alongside and a yellow dinghy; the sea is calm and reflects the cloudy grey sky. BhL 10 July 2013 (131 illus).
Boy with horse and cart
O/c 12 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 13.  A boy smoking a cigarette and looking at the viewer drives a cart with red shafts pulled by a brown horse moving right.  PIN p.129 illus, no.69; PHGM 2001 (17, as Boy on a cart); WL.
Darning a sock
O/c 17.5 x 19.5.  Sgd, dtd indis 13.  In an interior, at right a woman in a white blouse sits darning; at left a young boy in a red pullover sits on a table, his feet bare; behind is a window with a net curtain.  PHGM 2001 (38). Lane P 13 June 2013 (80 illus).
Faggot gatherers
MG 1913 (3), where a review described it as among the best of his pictures.
Gathering seaweed
O/c 10 x 14.  Sgd BL, dtd indis 1913.  A man leading two horses pulling a cart laden with seaweed on a flat beach, all moving left.  SL 10 Mar 1993 (15 illus, bought from the Morrab Studio, Penzance 1919).
Hoeing parsley, Mount’s Bay
O/c 30 x 24.  Sgd BL, dtd 1913.  In the foreground two young men facing left are hoeing; behind them stands another man with a hoe; the front man wears a white shirt; the centre man has a blue jacket; the farthest man looks old and appears to be lighting a pipe or cigarette; the sky is overcast. MG 1913 (34). Mentioned in the Morning Post 30 May 1913.  CL 27 Nov 1997 (156 illus, as Hoeing above Mounts Bay.); PHGM 2001 (20, as Hoeing above Mount’s Bay; Amongst heroes London 2013; Amongst heroes, p36 illus.
Monday morning
MG 1913 (16).  Mentioned in the Morning Post 30 May 1913.
Mother and child in a wooded landscape
O/c 13.75 x 15.75. Sgd BL, dtd 1913. At left a young woman in a white dress sits facing right, and on her lap is a young girl in a white smock over a blue dress; at right is a stream bisected by a sapling; the models are thought to be Mrs Lamorna Birch and her daughter Joan. SL 10 Mar 1993 (16 illus, as Mother and child; bought at Morrab Studio, Penzance, 1919); Court Gallery, Nether Stowey 1996, as By the stream, Lamorna; BAL 60248 (as Mother and child in a wooded landscape); PHGM 2001 (28).
Pioneers in aerial navigation
O/c 18 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 13.  Sunlit view of a girl with plaits standing holding a white kite; at right are two boys sitting; in the middle distance two children fly a kite.  Perhaps MG 1913 as The Kite, of which The Queen said on 24 May 1913 “(it) is another which deserves mention”; PL 12 Nov 1985 (97 illus); W&H 1986 (12 illus); SL 15 July 2009 (66 illus, as Pioneer of aerial navigation). BAL 48619
Sea pinks
O/c 14 x 16.  Sgd BR in white, dtd 1913; inscr verso.  Three young girls sit on sand dunes by the sea, facing left; the left girl wears a white hat and takes off her left sock; the middle girl wears a pink dress and a black hair band; the right girl appears older and wears red bows on her plaits and a white smock over black clothes; their feet are bare; at lower right grow the sea pinks, Armeria Maritima; above is a pale blue sky.  F&R Bristol 1939; PL 12 June 1990 (99 illus).  WL.
Shoeing a horse
O/c 10 x 14.  Sgd BR, dtd 1913.  In the centre a man wearing a pale shirt shoes the front right hoof of a large brown horse facing right; beyond a cart wheel rests against a wall. The style is sketchy and thickly painted.  PL 13 Nov 1984 (56 illus, prov. QHP); Lay P 17 Oct 2002 (1448 illus, as Outside the blacksmith’s shop); WL.
Spoils of the hedgerow
O/c 16 x 18.  Sgd BL, dtd 1913;  title inscr on the back.  Three children on a grassy bank; the left figure is a girl in a white smock over a red dress; the centre figure is a boy lying with legs outstretched towards the viewer, with a cap and waistcoat; the right figure is a younger boy kneeling with his head on the other boy’s left shoulder; all three look at what the centre boy is holding; behind is a ditch or stream. PHGM 2001 (36).
Summer breezes
Oil.  RA 1913 (695); WAGL 1913 (272, price £20).
The afternoon ride
O/c 13 x 18.  Sgd, dtd 13.  A man sits side-saddle on a large brown horse moving right across a meadow overlooking blue sea and a headland; the man looks at a small black and brown dog in the foreground.  LWG Mar 1982 (36 illus).
The bathers
O/c 19 x 21.  Sgd BL, dtd 1913.  In the foreground a nude boy sits facing left, his back to the viewer; another boy is nude in a pool, and beyond two more boys undress; in the distance are sea and coast.  W&H Autumn 1986 (13 illus); DMG Autumn 2010 (27 illus); DMG May 2012 (7 illus); CL 11 July 2013 (108 illus); BAL 33519 as On the rocks near Newlyn.
The first snowdrops of the year
MG 1913 (45).
The mother
MG 1913 (7).
The shop window.  O/c 18 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 1913.  A shop window fills the TR corner of the picture; at left stands a girl in a white smock holding a young child in her arms, who reaches to touch the window; at right another young child in a beige hat and blue smock stands under the window reaching up to it.  The shop depicted may be a popular grocery shop in Fore Street, Newlyn.  PL 11 Nov 1986 (44 illus); CL 11 Mar 1994 (2 illus, as The village shop).  WL.
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Dozmary Pool
O/c 11.5 x 14. Sgd BR in black, dtd 1914.  A moorland scene with the blue Pool in the middle distance and houses on the further shore; at right a boat sails on the water; the cloudy sky occupies half the canvas.   PHGM 2001 (42).
Falmouth harbour
W/c 14 x 10.  Sgd, dtd 14.  Lay P 25 May 1987 (186 ni); Lay P 30 Mar 1989 (512 ni).
Gathering bracken
O/c 18 x 15.  Sgd, dtd 14.  P Bath 18 Apr 1983 (148).
Thatching the rick
O/c 18 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 14.  A man with a trilby stands on a ladder facing right, adjusting a yellow hay rick.  SL 10 Mar 1993 (12 illus, bought from the Morrab Studio, Penzance, 1918); Lay P 2 June 1994 (299 illus); CL 23 Mar 1995 (21 illus); WL.
The drinking pool
O/c 20 x 18; inscr on the stretcher.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 14.  In the foreground a young man in a hat, waistcoat and white shirt sits on a dark brown horse facing right, away from the viewer; the horse drinks from a stream; at left is a bank with foliage; at right are fields, trees and a haystack.  PL 14 June 1988 (12 illus); Lay P 6 Oct 1994 (273 illus).
The flowered counterpane
PEAG 1914. The Cornishman of 26 March 1914 said “the figures are strongly drawn and the light filters through the fabric on the line with telling effect. The figures are attractive, the counterpane becomes a thing of beauty and the sunlight makes it a delightful composition”.
The ford
O/c 15 x 18.  Sgd BL, dtd 14; indis inscr on the stretcher.  In a stream, a girl in a white blouse sits on a donkey standing facing right; at right a young man with a cap pulls on the harness in an attempt to get the donkey moving.  SWS 23 Feb 1984 (1744); RGG 1984 (22 illus); BhL 19 November 2008 (31 illus). Nicholsons, Haslemere 16 Dec 2010 (1653 illus, as The obstinate donkey) ; Sheppards, Durrow, Eire 1 Dec 2016 (1535 illus, as Taking the donkey through the water). WL.
The shire horse
O/c 20 x 24.  Sgd BL in black, dtd 1914. A large red-brown horse facing left in a rural landscape, bearing a man facing the viewer, wearing a hat, resting his left hand on the horse’s haunch. CL 21 Apr 1961 (60);CSK 3 June 1999 (37 illus); DMG Autumn 1999 (11 illus, as Doing his rounds).
The tea time letter.
O/c 20 x 17. Sgd BL, dtd 1914 (or perhaps 1904). At a kitchen table set with tea-time items sit a woman at right and a girl at left. The woman wears a pink blouse and white apron and pours tea into a cup; the girl holds a letter in her right hand. Behind is a dresser with several pieces of china; at left is the glow of a fire; at right is an empty wooden arm chair like the one the woman sits in.
The young fishermen
O/c.  Sgd, dtd 1914.  In a dinghy a boy in dark clothes leans over a basket of silver fish; behind him a boy stands with a line in his hands; the blue sea is painted with large strokes.
Two boys fishing
O/c 18 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 14.  Two young boys sitting on rocks, the left boy in a green jersey, the right boy a white shirt.  SL 10 Mar 1993 (13 illus, bought from the Morrab Studio, Penzance).
Winding wool
O/c 25 x 30.  Sgd BL, dtd 1914.  Two young girls in a room, the right girl with a spotted dress, with thick plaits down to her waist, standing facing left holding a skein of red wool in her out-stretched hands; the left girl has a dark blue dress, and sits in a chair facing away, winding the wool into a ball; at right is a dark round table bearing green and red wool.  The right girl resembles Mornie Birch (1904-1990), daughter of SJ Lamorna Birch and who was much painted by others (John, the Knights).  RA 1914 (843); WAGL 1914 (120, price £42); F&R Bristol 1939; SL 21 May 1986 (85 illus); DMG 1990 (23 illus); DMG 1994 (52 illus); SL 14 Dec 2006 (186 illus). WL.
Woman reading
O/c 20 x 18.5.  Sgd BR, dtd 1914 within a rectangular green-yellow field.  A young woman in a pink blouse and black skirt sits in an armchair facing left and reads a book; behind her is a white painted cupboard with china bowls on it.  SL 21 May 1986 (86 illus); WL.
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In the garden
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BL, dtd 15.  A sunlit garden with the house behind; on a path at left a young girl pushes a toy pram containing a doll; in a lawn are two shrubs with bright red flowers.  RA 1916 (919, as In the garden).  Mentioned in The Times of 30 April 1916 as among “several other pleasant examples of modest merit”.  SWS 28 July 1983 (2802, as Camellias); SL 2 Nov 1983 (7 illus, as Bodinar); B&W Torquay 31 Oct 1984 (296, as Girl with toy pram); CL 12 June 1986 (89 illus, as In a summer garden); CL 9 Nov 1989 (18 illus, as In a summer’s garden); Lane P 27 July 2000 (50 illus, as 20 x 18, as Taking dolly for a walk); PHGM 2001 (78, as Taking dolly for a walk).

Newlyn harbour
O/c 14 x 12.  Sgd BL, dtd 15.  A pier projects diagonally from the left and several small fishing boats are moored alongside; behind them are two larger sailing ships; at BR a dinghy is beached.  The scene is sunlit and tonality is bright.
On the pier, Newlyn
O/c 7.5 x 8.5.  Sgd BL, dtd 15.  A man lies sprawled out on the pier ledge, his right foot resting on the pavement; at right a man sits on the ledge clasping his left knee; between them stands a lean dog; behind is the town.   ISSPG 20th exhn 1916 (138); PHGM 2001 (63).
Picking chrysanthemums.
O/c 21 x 18.5. Sgd BL in red, dtd 15. A young girl with plaited hair stands centre facing half-left, in a white smock over a pale blue dress, holding over her left arm a large basket containing white, red and yellow chrysanthemums; her right hand is stretched out to a tall white bloom; she is surrounded by flowers and there is no other background. BhL 25 June 2014 (129 illus).
The artist’s model, Newlyn
O/c 12 x 14.  Sgd BL, dtd 15.  Half length of a young woman standing at right facing the viewer, wearing a white striped open-neck dress, her right arm outstretched left; at far right is a pot of flowers on a window sill; the background is plain green.  Perhaps LG 1918 (18) as The modelPIN p.129 illus, no.71; PHGM 2001 (67); WL.  National Museums & Galleries of Wales, Cardiff, A2078; presented on 18 March 1920 by Miss Howell and Mrs Edwards in memory of Miss Fanny Logan Williams.
The bonfire
O/b 6.25 x 7.5. Sgd BL, dtd 15.  Sketch of four children on a coastal meadow; the far left girl is seated facing right wearing red dress and white hat; next to her stands an older girl facing us holding a tin pot in her right hand and with left hand raised to her long blond hair; next is a seated boy in brown waistcoat over a white shirt, tending the small fire; at right a boy lies facing the fire, with brown cap and white shirt; beyond is a rocky coast.  This may be a sketch for On the beach at Newlyn (1917). SL 10 March 2005 (270 illus).
The hillside farm
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 1915. In the foreground is a stream and beyond is a bank with lean trees and green meadows; on the crest are several stone buildings; it is winter and nests are visible in the tree tops; the sky is pale grey.  SWS 9 June 1982 (1226 illus, as A Cornish view across a river); CL 12 Nov 1982 (40 ni); CL 5 Nov 1999 (192 illus).
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A Cornish boy
O/b 16 x 12. Sgd, dtd 1916, TR. Title inscr on reverse. A young boy turned half-left looks at us, wearing a black beret and dark brown jacket over a green shirt; his mouth is slightly open; the background is plain off-white. Bonhams New York 5 Nov 2014 (94).
A Cornish girl
O/p 14 x 10. Sgd BR in red, dtd 1916. A head and shoulders portrait of a teenage girl in a dark blue dress, with blue eyes and two very thick light brown plaits which descend to the lower frame; her lips are red; the background is pale yellow-green. Perhaps Lane P 15 Mar 1984 (191 ni, as 13.5 x 9.5, as Half portrait of a young girl with plaits); CL 12 Nov 1987 (166 illus, wrongly dtd 1926); Gorringes Lewes 21 Mar 2017 (856 illus); WL.

O/c 12 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 1916.  Gertrude in a flowered hat and pale patterned shawl over a full, dark skirt, sits centre facing left, at a small console table; her left hand holds a sprig of flowers; her right hand touches a small glass bowl on the table, which holds a larger bunch; two candlesticks are on the table and above it is an oval mirror.  BL 6 Nov 1980 (136).

Cattle in a farmyard
O/c, on reverse of Children among blossom.  In the centre foreground stands a brown and white cow, facing left; behind at left are a black and a dark brown cow facing right; thickly painted.  PL 13 Nov 1984 (69 illus, verso; prov. QHP). WL
Charles F Barham MD
O/c 48 x 38.  Sgd BL, dtd 1916.  The figure sits facing half-left at a desk; he has a black coat and tie, white shirt and dark red waistcoat; behind him at TL is a sketched landscape painting; on the desk at BL are books, water jar, ink bottles etc.  Barham (1804-1884) was Hon secretary of the Royal Insitution of Cornwall 1837-59 and President 1859-61.  This painting was probably done from an etching. PCF C&SI p191 illus. Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro (1916.23); donated by Dr R Pearce 1916.
Children among blossom
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BR, dtd 1916.  At centre stands a girl in a bright red beret, pale blouse and blue skirt, her right hand reaching up to white blossom, her left hand down to a lower flower; at left stand two younger girls, the right one facing the viewer and with an olive green dress, her left hand on hip; the left girl faces right and has a pale dress, her right hand out to the blossom.  On the reverse is another painting, Cattle in a farmyard.  PL 13 Nov 1984 (69 illus, prov. QHP); WL.
Children on the surf.
O/c 20.5 x 18. Sgd BL, dtd indis 1916 (?), title inscr on reverse. A girl with fair hair and white dress lies on rocks beside the sea; she holds a closed red-bound book in her outstretched right hand, and rests her head on her left hand; at left two girls sit close to the sea; one wears a red blouse, the other holds her hands to her hair; beyond, the waves foam on the rocks and in the distance is a steeply rising landscape.

Gathering seaweed.  
O/c 14 x 12. Sgd BL, dtd 15 over 16.   On the beach between Newlyn and Penzance, two horses pull a cart laden high with seaweed, accompanied by a man; at far right another man sits waiting for them; in the middle distance the Larrigan Rocks break through the blue choppy sea, and beyond lie Penzance and St Michael’s Mount; the sky is bluish with cloud.  Bought at a Red Cross sale in WWI.

Gertrude Harvey with parrot in the artist’s home
O/c 17 x 17.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 1916.  At centre, Gertrude stands facing the viewer in a simple blue-green dress with round neck, her right hand raised to a red and grey parrot in a wire cage at left; she holds a glass bowl in her left hand; at lower left is a dark red table cloth bearing a patterned bowl.  Cross p.190 illus; Lay P 5 Oct 1989 (229 illus, as Woman with parrot in interior); CL 21 Mar 1996 (34 illus, as 18 x 18); CL 27 Mar 1997 (168).  Portscatho Gallery.
Girl in a window
O/c 29 x 20.  Init BR, dtd indis 1916.  Full length view of a girl at left sitting on a window sill wearing a long green dress, with bare feet; the right foot is in front of the left; behind her are large windows with many small panes, through which greenery and a house can be seen. The authenticity of the initials is uncertain, but the painting itself is well within the manner of Harvey.  PHGM 2001 (80).
Girl with a red hat
O/p 10 x 14. Sgd BR, dtd 16. A girl lies facing left in a deckchair, wearing a red cap and bluish-white dress, with crochet in her raised hands; her head rests on a large striped cushion; at far left are colourful garden flowers. Sothebys New York 4 Nov 2010 (70 illus).
In the garden
Opie Memorial 1916. The Cornishman of 23 March 1916 said “a brilliant bit of colouring, showing a little boy amidst summer flowers”.
Lady in an interior arranging flowers
O/c 20 x 16. Sgd BR in yellow, dtd 1916. A woman (Gertrude Harvey) stands at right facing left, in a blue-black hat with green band, a long green skirt or dress with a cream blouse or inset, and a cream patterned shawl; she wears a coral necklace; her left hand, with wedding ring, holds up a posy of anemones and her right hand arranges a bunch in a plain glass bowl, which stands on a small rounded console table; the wall behind her is pale yellow, with a small coloured Japanese print and at left the edge of a black picture frame. This may be The green gown, shown at the RA in 1916. CL 14 Dec 2016 (84 illus).

Laura and Paul Jewill Hill. 
O/c 19 x 17.  1916.  Two children stand by a console table under a circular mirror, the girl at left leaning on the table holding a goldfish bowl; the boy at right holding an Italian flag which celebrated Italy’s joining the Allies in May 1915.  They were the children of James and Laura Hill of Penzance. A self-portrait of Harvey is reflected in the mirror.  Laura jnr was painted again by Harvey as Laura Jewill Hill – the unwilling sitter (1932). Stephen Paull Jewill Hill was painted again as Portrait of Paul Jewill Hill as a boy (1920). PIN p.130 illus, no.72, as dated 1916; PHGM 2001 (54); PCF C&SI p113 illus. WL.  Penlee House Gallery & Museum (2004.62).

Monmouth mill and river
O/c 18 x 15.  Sgd BL, dtd 1916.  The river occupies the foreground; at left is the bank with trees reaching the upper frame; in the distance are buildings with a red chimney.  A brother of Harvey’s (Percival George Harvey) lived at Monmouth.  PHGM 2001 (61).
Paper windmills
Oil.  RA 1916 (129).
Portrait of Francis Elliot Voyle in evening dress.
O/c 24” x 18”. Sgd BL, dtd 1916.
Half length view of a mature man seated facing us; he wears a black formal jacket over a cream waistcoat and dress shirt with bow tie, and gloves; he has a large moustache and long side whiskers; his left hand holds a walking cane, his right hand is in his lap; beside him at right is a small table bearing his top hat; behind him is a yellow wall with a fragment of picture at top right. This may be Francis Elliot Voyle (1815-1877) who served in the Bengal Staff Corps of the Indian Army, latterly as a Major-General. Lay P 26 Jan 2017 (99 illus).
Portrait of the artist’s wife
O/c.  Sgd BL, dtd 16.  Gertrude is seated in a deckchair facing the viewer, head resting on a striped blue and white cushion; she wears a black hat and blue jacket, and holds a red book; at right are yellow flowers, and beyond is an undulating landscape.
O/c 18 x 19.5.  Sgd BL, dtd 1916.  Gertrude in the bedroom of Maen Cottage, with a black hat and red dress, standing at right before a chest of drawers, facing left and holding up a face mirror; her left hand is on her hip.  PIN p.130 illus, no.74; PHGM 2001 (66); WL.  Cyfarthfa Castle Museum, Merthyr Tydfil; presented by W H Renwick 1916.
St Hilary
O/b.  Sgd BL, dtd 1916.  Inset in a choir stall at St Hilary church.  At right a bishop with two black-robed priests stands facing left, blessing a group of people kneeling at left; he is no doubt St Hilary, bishop of Poitiers; at centre, between two groups, is a tall crucifix, behind which a castle rises upon a rock.
Summer milking
O/c 24.5 x 29.5. Sgd BL, dtd 1916. In a meadow sloping upwards right, a man sits facing left, milking a brown and white cow facing right; at far left in the distance sits a girl in white clothes and a hat; the thin strip of sky is cloudy. PIN p.83 (ni) and p.130 illus, no.73; PL 13 Nov 1984 (66 illus, prov. QHP); CL 16 Dec 2009 (77); WL.
The fishmarket
Oil.  ISSPG 20th exhn 1916 (134a).
The green gown
RA 1916 (889); WAGL 1916 (216, price £30). Opie Memorial 1916. The Cornishman of 23 March 1916 said it “..is in a way a portrait of a lady attired in an elaborate green gown”.
The kite
O/c 30 x 24.75.  Sgd in red BL, dtd 1916. On the reverse is a sketch of figures with a horse and haywain.  Full length view of a young woman standing in foreground with a red cap and a vertically-striped skirt and plain blue shirt, shielding her eyes with her left hand, her right hand on hip; behind her are three figures, one a man holding a flying red kite; behind is a sunny landscape with a young tree at left.  RA 1917 (272); The Times 10 May 1917 said “ ‘Kite’ is really a landscape, although there is a strong emphasis on the figure of the girl; but she is painted as part of the landscape and very boldly modelled in light”.  Mentioned in the Daily Mail 7 May 1917 as among several “canvases to which the Academy walls owe much of their brightness”.  Lane P 20 July 1974 (32 illus, as The kite flyer); Lane P 26 July 1978 (264 illus, as The kite flyers, dated 1911); PL 14 Nov 1989 (32 illus, as The kite flyer); S Billingshurst 25 Oct 1994 (348 illus). WL.
The poachers
O/c 24 x 30.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 16.  Among trees on a hillside, two men crouch at left, facing away from the viewer; the left man has a peaked cap and shows his right profile; the right man has a cap and a red and white neck scarf, and a large satchel hung over his left shoulder rests upon his right hip; the barrel of a shotgun is visible beyond his right arm; in the right foreground are birds and a rabbit or hare. PL 17 June 1986 (23); PL 10 Mar 1987 (15).
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Audir Lane, Paul Hill, Newlyn
O/c 20 x 16.  Sgd BR, dtd 1917; indis inscr on the stretcher.  The picture is dominated by three tall trees in leaf seen against a blue sky; at BL is a man in a hat and dark jersey, his lower legs obscured by the frame, walking towards the viewer carrying something in his left hand; a stone sunlit wall runs alongside the trees.  Granite faces were sometimes added to hedgerows to stop earth falling onto the path.  The title is a misnomer for Adit Lane in Newlyn.  PL 8 Mar 1988 (6 illus); PL 9 May 1989 (10); SL 22 June 1994 (14b illus, as On the way to harvest and as dated 1917); CL 20 June 1995 (280 illus, as dated 1919, as On the way to harvest); WL.

Betty, shut the door
O/c 24 x 18.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 1917.  A full length frontal standing view of a girl about 12 in dark blue clothes and stockings, with a long necklace (amber?) and long red-tinted hair over her left shoulder; on her right shoulder appears a coloured collar or fabric; her right hand is extended against a white door with brass knob; beneath her the floorboards shine; a rather stark image; she has a slightly apprehensive look; the girl may be the left girl in Two girls on a settee.  SL 13 Dec 2005 (72 illus).
By the sea
O/c 16 x 20.  Sgd BR, dtd 1917.  On a grassy path overlooking the sea, three female figures walk left; the left one (the eldest) has a greyhound (?) on a lead; she is followed by two younger girls, the centre one in a large white hat and with a red bow in her plaited hair; the right girl wears a blue dress;  all three have white shoes; they appear well-to-do people.  LG 1918 (11); Colour October 1918 p.51 illus; C Glasgow 12 Nov 1987 (568 illus); Benezit records ‘Pres de la Mer’ sold for £25-4s in Feb 1925.
Daffodils.  O/c 20 x 16.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 17.  A boy faces the viewer, with a brown jacket and hat with a daffodil in the brim, carrying on his right arm a basket of daffodils; behind is a plain blue sea with rocks at the left edge. S Chester 7 Oct 1983 (1370); RGG 1984 (21 illus, prov. the artist’s family); CL 13 Nov 1986 (50 illus); SL 11 Nov 1987 (22 illus); CL 28 Nov 1996 (78, prov. the artist’s family); WL.
Mother and child
O/c 19.5 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 1917.  At left is a woman in a pink and green striped shawl over a white dress, facing right, holding a baby in a white shawl; her left hand supports the baby and has a ring with a stone; she looks at the baby and almost fills the height of the picture; behind is a calm blue sea.  S Chester 15 Jan 1987 (3263 illus); PL 15 Nov 1988 (50 illus).
Mother and son
O/c 27.75 x 27.75.  Sgd BR, dtd 1917.  On a cliff overlooking a cove or flooded quarry, a woman stands at left with a dark beret, red jacket and white dress; her left hand touches her hair and her right hand holds a basket of dark fruit (blackberries ?); at right sits a boy with dark hair and blue clothes; in the distance Mount’s Bay; a cloudy sky fills more than half the picture.  LG 1918 (15); Colour January 1919 p.147 illus- ; PCF Tyne & Wear Museums, p255 (illus, as Blackberrying).  South Shields Museum & Art Gallery (ref. TWCMS G4271) as Blackberrying.
On the beach at Newlyn
O/c 24 x 30.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 17. In the foreground at BL sits a girl in a bright red dress and cream hat, her right arm visible; right of her stands a girl with a red cap pushed back on her head, her left hand raised to her head and her right hand carrying a metal pot; right of her sits a boy in a grey waistcoat over a white shirt tending a small fire; further right a boy lies resting on his left elbow, with a cap and white shirt, looking at the fire; in the distance is Penzance.  The children are probably boiling winkles on Tolcarne beach.  See also The bonfire (1915).  PL 12 Nov 1985 (98 illus).
Portrait of Gertrude reading
O/c 16 x 14. Sgd BR, dtd 1917. Gertrude sits in a white armchair facing half-left, holding up a book in her right hand, wearing a pale blue dress and a red necklace; at left is a cupboard with ceramics on the shelf, and part of the fire fender; at right is part of a rounded console table; the carpet is plain light brown. Woolley & Wallis, Salisbury 24 Mar 2010 (379 illus).
Summer hoeing
O/c 40 x 30.  Sgd BL, dtd indis 17.  Set among fields below a large blue sky; at right a woman in a red and black neck scarf, dark hat and cream skirt, stands looking down at a young girl who reaches up to her hands; in the front foreground is a basket of (?) potatoes; in the middle distance at left is a man hoeing; at centre a man bends down to the plants, and at right is another figure.  PL 13 Nov 1984 (65 illus, prov. QHP); WL.
Summer hours
O/c 14 x 22.  Sgd. Two girls on a stone wall, the one at left sitting in a white hat and blue dress with a red (? scarf), facing right; the other girl at centre is lying down holding a white parasol, facing the viewer, and has a red hat; above the wall is blue sky.  RA 1917 (572); BAL 65339; BhL 1 Dec 1993 (28).
O/c 36 x 30.  Sgd BL in black, dtd 17.  Gertrude stands facing right in a long white dress and a green hat with a black ribbon, holding flowers in her right hand; she is viewed from a roughly paved path against a distant landscape of fields; the site may be the same garden as in ‘In the garden – summer’. The Times of 7 May 1918 said of it “the garden flowers are painted with real zest, though he fails over the bloom of the elder.”  RA 1918 (106); perhaps Grosvenor Galleries 1921 (51, price £42); perhaps Grosvenor Galleries winter 1922 (34); perhaps Venice 1924 (29, as Estate); perhaps LG 1927 (19); perhaps NEAC 1927 (197); SL 10 June 1998 (94) ; CSK 12 Mar 2014 (81 illus) BAL 50735.
The blackberry girl
O/c 20 x 17.  Sgd BR (in red), dtd 1917.  In the left foreground a girl stands on a path with hands on hips, a filled basket over her right arm; she wears a hat and dark clothes; at right the path leads past a mine building; beyond is the coast.  Lay P 28 Aug 1986 (532 illus). DMG Spring 2001 (36 illus, as Picking Blackberries). WL.
The blue gown
O/c 20 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 17.  Gertrude stands facing left, before a cream chest of drawers, in a black hat and flowered shawl over a blue dress; she puts a glove onto her right hand.  RA 1917 (683); Pyms Gallery Autumn 1983 (22 illus, as Woman in a blue gown); Cross p.169 illus; McConkey p.226 illus; PIN p.39 illus and p.130 illus and p.130, no.75; WL.
The farm girl
O/c 17.75 x 14.5.  Sgd BL, and sgd with monogram; indis dtd, c1917.  A young woman in a pale blouse, red scarf and blue skirt walks towards the viewer carrying a pail in her right hand; on the left are farm buildings and three white chickens.  PL 17 June 1986 (26 illus, as The milkmaid; prov. given by the artist to the owner’s parents as a wedding gift in 1917); SL 12 Nov 1986 (43 illus); WL.
The maiden
Oil.  ISSPG 22nd exhn 1917 (33).
Two girls on a settee
O/c 20 x 24.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 17.  The settee occupies most of the canvas and extends beyond the right edge; its back of black wood is carved in geometric patterns, and its seat cushion is floral patterned; at left a girl in black clothes sits against a red and blue cushion, reading a large book held in both hands; at right another girl in creamy-pink clothes sits frontally looking at the viewer, her hands clasped in her lap.  PL 10 Mar 1987 (23 illus); Lay P 14 June 2001 (454 illus cover, as Sunday afternoon).
Woman by the sideboard
O/c 21 x 17.5.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 17.  Gertrude in an ankle-length deep blue dress, with a red (coral?) necklace and a cream shawl with red flowers, stands facing left beside a small sideboard, her right hand touching green and purple grapes on a stand; on the sideboard are two candelabras each with three holders.  Lay P 25 Feb 1988 (350 illus); SL 9 Nov 1988 (35 illus); SL 11 Dec 2007 (72 illus, as Woman by the sideboard, portrait of the artist’s wife Gertrude)- ; SL 15 July 2008 (100 illus, as previous title). WL.
Woman in an interior sewing
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BL, dtd 17.  In the front room of Maen Cottage Gertrude sits in an armchair facing left, in a long pale dress and a long necklace; she holds her sewing up with both hands; at right is a console table, on which is a bowl of flowers; at far right is an open door.  Pyms Gallery, London Autumn 1981 (12 illus).
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A boy and girl
LG 1918 (29).

A cottage window
A young woman stands facing left before a deep-cilled window, in a pale blouse and a white apron over a dark skirt; her left hand is on her left hip and her right hand reaches up to a small bird cage on the wall by the window; three paintings hang on the walls. This painting is very similar to First Light (1919). LG 1918 (31); The Studio Vol. 76, 1919 p.65 illus.
A game of cards
LG 1918 (8).
A woman and her child
LG 1918 (10).
Ash trees
LG 1918 (27).
Black Gardens, Spring
LG 1918 (21).  Morning Post of 25 Oct 1918 said “The least pretentious but most perfect and charming painting is ‘Black Gardens’.  Here, vision, feeling and craft combine happily and make a picture of abiding truth”.
Boy by the harbour
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BL, dtd 18.  A close-up three-quarter length view of a teenage boy with red lips, in dark hat and clothes, with a brightly patterned neckscarf; he leans against a railing; beyond lies the Mousehole harbour wall and at left is a boat; the sea is very pale blue. CL 21 Nov 1995 (95 illus). WL.

Children seated on a wall. 
LG 1918 (24).  Perhaps the same as Summer hours, or One summers day.

Children sitting on a wall. 
O/c 32 x 25.75.  Sgd BR in black, dtd 18.  At left a bare foot young boy with yellow hair sits on a stone wall topped with turf; he wears a blue jersey and greenish shorts; at right an older girl sits with her legs the far side of the wall, wearing a purple dress with a red and gold patterned shawl; both children look at us; behind the boy is a pollarded tree with foliage up its trunk; the sky is plain blue.  CL 15 Nov 2007 (45 illus). CSK 20 June 2013 (125 illus). This is most probably Children seated on a wall

Early Spring. 
O/c 30 x 26.  Sgd BL, dtd 18.  A young woman in a black blouse and hat and blue skirt holds a baby in a red shawl, standing in a green meadow with white flowers, facing the viewer; behind are leafless trees and a hill with hedged fields.  The model looks similar to that in ‘In the kitchen’ (1918) who has a similar hat.  LG 1918 (12).  Morning Post of 25 Oct 1918 wrote “The beautiful landscape is blithely visualised and finely painted, and the women (sic) and child are pre-Raphaelite in elaboration.  But there is no pictorial affinity between the figures and their setting.  The landscape is harmonised by sun-warmed air, whereas the figures smack of studio artifice”.  SL 11 May 1988 (18 illus); SNY 23 Oct 2007 (177 illus); WL.

Elms in sunlight
LG 1918 (17).
LG 1918 (13).  Morning Post 25 Oct 1918 mentioned its “over-emphasis of the cymbal notes”.
Gathering pussywillow
O/c 27 x 27.  Sgd BL, dtd 1918. At left foreground a young woman stands with a patterned smock and dark hat, left hand on hip; the right hand holds a bunch of pussywillow across her waist; behind rise hillsides with trees.  A Dictionary of British Artists Working 1900-1950 by Waters (plate 194 illus).  LG 1918 (20); SL 2 Aug 1972 (311 ni); SL 11 Apr 1973 (102 ni, as The maiden).
In the garden – summer
O/c 16 x 20.5.  Sgd BL, dtd 1918.  Gertrude lies in a deck chair on a stone terrace, her head at left, facing the viewer; she wears a white dress, stockings and shoes; her right hand holds up a parasol; her head rests on a dark blue cushion; beyond are garden flowers, then fields and Castle-an-Dinas hill; at right a road leads towards a village; the upper frame intersects two pieces of foliage.  LG 1918 (30, as The garden); Colour Nov 1918 p.73 illus as The deck chair
PL 7 June 1994 (153 illus).
In the kitchen
O/c.  25.5 x 22.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 1918 but altered by the artist from 1917.  A young woman seated at left facing right, in a dark blue coat and multi-coloured scarf, holds a hat in her right hand; her left hand rests on a fur in her lap; at right stands Gertrude with a yellow headscarf, pink cardigan with black edging, cream blouse and pale skirt with a large check pattern, resting her right hand on the ledge of a dresser set with colourful china, her left hand on hip; behind her is a wall of green panelling with glazing above; at far left is a large fireplace, with boxes on the mantelshelf. Set in Maen Cottage. On the reverse is another painting, The midday rest.  A LG label is affixed to the reverse of the frame.  Colour Oct 1918 p.55 illus; LG 1918 (9); PL 6 Nov 1990 (69 illus); PL 4 June 1991 (16 illus); PL 25 Nov 1997 (11 illus). WL.
In the studio
A woman (Gertrude ?) stands at left, her body turned towards the wall but her face turned left, with a pale blouse, dark skirt and shoes; her left hand is on her hip; at right is a console table bearing several glass objects including a flagon, wine glass and a large glass ball; below the table is a large vase holding brushes, and in the foreground is a palette with brushes.  LG 1918 (14); The Studio Vol. 76 (1919) p.62 illus.
Sgd BL in red, dtd 1918.  In the foreground is a dining table; at left a seated young woman in a yellow hat and striped multi-coloured jacket (perhaps a Crysede fabric), holds a wineglass which is being filled with red wine by another woman standing centre, in a blue cardigan; a bowl of flowers and other items on the table; an Egyptian style textile is above the mantelpiece; at the right edge is a sideboard which also appears in Woman by the sideboard.  LG 1918 (19); Morning Post 25 Oct 1918; BhL 7 Nov 1985 (100); BGL 1987 (13); BAL BON50736.
Mother and child
O/c 24 x 24.  Sgd BR, dtd 1918.  A young woman in a white dress stands at left, facing right, her head turned towards us; she holds a child in her arms and looks at him, her lips open; the child has  red clothes and gazes at something we cannot see; at TR is foliage.  Done in a simplified style. The sitters have been identified as Nannie Pearce Tregenza and her son Joseph (born 1917), who lived next door to the Harveys from 1915 to c1920. MAGN 2001 (95); The Western Mail 24 Aug 2002 (illus).  National Museums and Galleries of Wales, Cardiff A2092; given by Miss Lilian Howell of 251 Newport Road, Cardiff on 7 March 1919.
On the cliff
LG 1918 (26).  Mentioned in the Morning Post 25 Oct 1918.
One summers day
O/b 30 x 24.  Sgd BR in black, dtd 18.  At left a fair haired boy sits on a stone wall facing us, in blue jersey, brown shorts and bare feet; at right an older dark haired girl sits looking at us with her legs over the other side of the wall and her left hand resting on it, wearing a bright red and gold multi-coloured shawl over a purple dress with a glimpse of white chemise at her left thigh; beside the boy is a tall thin tree with ivy up it; the sky is cloudless blue.  SL 4 June 2003 (7 illus).
The blackberry gatherers
LG 1918 (25).  Perhaps Grosvenor Galleries, winter 1921 (39, price £52-10s).  Perhaps referred to in the Notebook as ‘Blackberry Pickers’, 30 x 28.
The brocade skirt
LG 1918 (28).
The fisher boy
LG 1918 (23).
The interior
LG 1918 (22).
The letter
LG 1918 (32).
The market place, Ypres in 1914 and The market place, Ypres in 1918
O/c 7.25 x 10.  Sgd and inscr.  SWS 22 June 1983 (962 ni); CL 5 Sep 1997 (108 ni, as w/colour, as The market place Ypres and Ypres market place after bombing).
The reader
O/b 13 x 11.  Sgd, dtd 18.  RA 1918 (465); F&R Bristol 1939; CL 20 Dec 1990 (135, as Reading by the fire).
The ribbon skirt
Gertrude stands at centre, full length, looking at the viewer with head tilted slightly left, and leaning against a console table; she wears a dark hat, an embroidered black shawl and an ankle length dress made of many vertical strips of plain and flowered material; her left hand holds a single flower; her right hand rests on the table beside a small bunch of red flowers; the floor is polished wood; on the cream wall behind hangs at TL a framed picture.  LG 1918 (33); The Studio Vol. 76, 1919, p.63 illus; WL.
The yellow scarf
LG 1918 (7).
Young girl in a blue blouse
O/c 13.5 x 11.5.  Sgd BR, dtd 1918.  A girl about 12 years old, shown to chest level, faces us; her long black hair is parted centrally and tied with a green bow on her right shoulder; she wears a mid-blue blouse with a curved neckline in dark blue; behind her is a calm, pale blue sea and above that a narrow band of whiter blue sky.
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An interior.
O/c 24 x 20. Sgd BR, dtd 1919. A young woman wearing a black jacket over a grey dress with green trim, stands centre leaning against a dining table with a blue check cloth; her left foot rests on a footwarmer (?); the fruit bowl on the table is the same as in Lunch and Woman by the sideboard. On the reverse is a study of Seaweed gatherers (qv). LG 1920 (32); Colour Dec 1920, p.90 illus; Connoisseur June 1990 p.116 illus; CL 8 Mar 1990 (26 illus); BhL 22 Jan 2014 (104 illus); WL.

Coloured wools
O/c 22 x 30.  Sgd BL in black, dtd 1919; inscr on label on reverse of the frame.  A young woman in a vertically striped skirt, blue blouse and black cardigan, sits centre beside a table with a round end on which is a basket overflowing with many balls of wool; a ball of red wool lies on the carpet, which has a blue-grey geometric pattern; behind is a wall with two pictures; the same carpet is in An interior.  Done in a very clearly-defined style. RA 1920 (54) when Frank Rutter wrote in the Sunday Times “its clean bright colour is very welcome in an exhibition still too full of pictures in mournful drabs and dirty browns”.  Perhaps referred to in the Daily News of 3 May 1920 as Red Wool.  SWS 20 Oct 1982 (1195 illus).
Cornish farm
O/c 16 x 12.  Sgd BL in purple, dtd 1919.  In the foreground a short path leads to a blue-green picket gate, with mainly leafless trees and farm buildings beyond; in the distance is a hill with trees on the crest, and the upper part of a large house is visible above the crest. The tonality is pale. CL 23 June 1994 (3 illus); PL 9 June 1998 (34 illus, as The farm gate); Lay P 17 Feb 2000 (551 illus, as The hillside farm); CL 24 Nov 2000 (4 illus, as The farm in the valley); Lane P 8 Feb 2001; PHGM 2001 (59).  WL.

First light.  
O/b 14 x 11.  Sgd BL in black, dtd 1919.   A three-quarter length view of a young woman with dark hair seen in profile and contre-jour standing facing left, wearing white clothes over a black skirt, her left hand on her hip; her right hand feeds foliage to a small bird in a cage at left at head height; behind her is a large window in a white surround reaching the upper frame, with a net curtain at the bottom; beyond is pale blue calm sea and grey sky; at right is a vertical strip of papered wall and part of a painting.  SL 28 Oct 2008 (231 illus).

O/c 19.5 x 23.5.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 19. A view mostly of trees which fill half the canvas; at right centre is a glimpse of a large house with pink walls and tall grey slate roof which looks like Treriefe; the sky is clear blue.  This may be the work exhibited at LG 1920 (27) as ‘Tereiffe’.
Mother and child.
O/c 9.75 x 7. Sgd BL, dtd 1919.  A young woman in a white blouse, her hair in a pigtail with a red bow, stands leaning left over a child in a wooden armchair with white hat, purple shirt and with a red blanket over its legs; the background is not clear.  Perhaps Grosvenor Galleries 1922 Exhibition of Modern Art (36, price £31-10s); perhaps Goupil Gallery Salon Winter 1924 (124, price £52-10s); BITPI (58 illus); DMG pub. V (58 illus); PL 7 May 1985 (14 ni, as Mother and child by the sea).
On the sands
O/c 16 x 15.5.  Sgd BL, dtd indis 19.  On a pebbly beach two girls at right and two boys at left sit by a small fire; behind them at right are two girls in white smocks by the sea.  BH 1932; WL.
Portrait of a girl
O/c 20 x 16.  Sgd TL, dtd 1919.  A head and shoulder study of a young woman with long brown hair, a green ribbon above her left ear, facing the viewer; she wears a red and blue patterned shawl over a dark blue blouse.  Colour Oct 1920 cover illus; WL.
Seaweed gatherers
O/c 20 x 24. An unsigned and unfinished sketch on the reverse of An Interior (1919). In the foreground a laden cart drawn by a brown horse stands facing; at right is another with a man in a white shirt on top; behind at left is another with a white and a brown horse; at BL, seaweed lies on the beach; the sky is cloudy with pale blue streaks. BhL 22 Jan 2014 (104 ni).
Oil.  ISSPG 26th exhn 1919 (94).
Thatching the rick
O/c 18 x 16.  Sgd, dtd 19; inscr verso.  SWS 24 Oct 1995 (268, ni). This may be the same work as that dated 1914, which has the same dimensions.
The fisherman’s courtship
O/c 24 x 19.  Sgd BL, dtd 19.  A couple lean against a rail alongside a harbour; the man at left has a cap, pale jersey and dark trousers, and holds nets in his hands; he looks right towards a young woman standing at right wearing a pale dress; in the foreground are two lobster pots, and the man rests his right foot on the crown of one.  WL.
The gate, Spring
O/c 29.5 x 24.5.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 19; sgd and inscr verso.  In the foreground is a five-bar gate; at left a boy in a green jersey sits on the gate playing a tin whistle; at right a boy in a striped shirt sits on the ground playing a whistle; further right a girl in a brown plaid dress half-sits on a stone holding a posy of white flowers; beyond are fields; at left, swifts are flying; the right edge is occupied mostly by the field wall.  Perhaps LG 1920 (29, as The gate); Lay P 5 Sep 1985 (384 illus); MAGN 2001 (56).
The road (Figures walking before a landscape)
O/c 30 x 30.  Sgd BL in dark brown, dtd 1919.  In the foreground a boy in working clothes with a sack over his shoulder followed by a girl and two women carrying pails, and a lean dog, walk left along a road; the girl wears a blue shirt, one woman a red headscarf, the other woman a mauve shirt; beyond is a simplified, extensive, landscape of rolling hills and clumps of trees done in cool, muted colours; at right is a gabled house; the sky is dull yellow-grey.  The dog closely resembles that in ‘By the Sea’ (1917).  This work is probably ‘The Road’ which was shown at LG 1920 (20), qv.  BhL 15 June 2004 (8 illus, as The Road).
Wooded hillside near Newlyn
O/c 21.75 x 26.75.  Sgd, dtd 1919.  In the foreground many trees cover a hill rising centre, with a copse on the top; at BL sit a woman in pale clothes and a man in dark clothes.  SWS 21 July 1987 (2956); Somerville Ltd London 1988 (11 illus, as Pauls Hill, Newlyn); WL.
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O/c 20 x 16. Sgd TL, dtd 1920. A tall mirror above an ornate console table is set against a pale green wall; a glass chandelier stands on the table and is reflected in the mirror; also in the reflection is a woman (perhaps Gertrude) who stands resting her left hand on a chimney piece, above which hangs a painting in a deep frame; at the top of the reflection are dark pink flowers whose originals can just be seen at the TR edge of the painting. The Western Morning News of 27 June 1922 gave a detailed description. LG 1920 (24); Harris & Sons Plymouth June 1922; PL 23 Apr 1985 (41 illus, as The pier glass, prov. the owner’s parents, from the artist).

A fisher boy
LG 1920 (28).
A kitchen interior
LG 1920 (10).
At the dressing table
O/c 16.5 x 20.  Sgd BL, dtd 1920.  Rear view of a woman (Gertrude) standing to the right of a dressing table by a window, adjusting her hair; the table bears a multi-coloured striped cover.  PIN p.130 illus, no.76; PHGM 2001 (64).  Cyfarthfa Castle Museum, Merthyr Tydfil.  WL.
China clay pit
LG 1920 (21).  The Notebook refers to ‘China Clay Pit St Just’, 30 x 24;
Cornish children
O/c 14 x 18.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 1920.  At left a teenage girl is seated facing right, her legs tucked beside her, wearing a blue hat, yellow and red scarf, grey and white checked jacket and blue skirt, with bare feet; her right hand rests on her right calf.  At right a boy lies on his back looking at her, his right arm extended holding a daisy puff and his bare legs crossed; he wears a yellow jersey and grey shorts.  The figures are on a grassy meadow with wild flowers. LG 1920 (25); Connoisseur Nov 1920 mentioned “its clever foreshortened passage”.  CL 21 Nov 2003 (34 illus). CL 8 June 2006 (289). CL 8 June 2006 (289).
LG 1920 (13).
Leswidden pit
O/cb 20 x 29.5.  Sgd BL in black, dtd 1920.  In the middle distance at left is a high slag-heap reaching a point, with equipment for carrying spoil up it; beside stretch extensive pits and heaps; in the foreground are telegraph poles, green scrub and men working; in the immediate foreground is a rail track; in the far distance are fields and a smoking chimney; beyond the land, at right, is sea with a lighthouse indicated by breaking waves.  PL 6 June 2000 (119 illus); Lane P 27 July 2000 (190 illus). PCF C&SI p191 illus, as A china clay pit, Leswidden; Amongst heroes, London 2013; Amongst heroes, p38 illus. Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro (2000. 24).
LG 1920 (26).
LG 1920 (30); Konody in the Observer on 3 Oct 1920 praised its “real self expression”.
Market day
O/c 28 x 28.  Sgd BL, dtd 1920.  In the foreground are horses and carts moving left into a street at the end of which is Penzance Market Hall; several figures stand and talk; at right are a woman and a girl; behind the carts is a shop whose sign says (?) Newson.  The work is crisply drawn and carefully painted.
LG 1920 (16).
Moored boats in Newlyn harbour
O/c 29.5 x 23.5.  Sgd BR, dtd 1920.  Several boats are moored across the painting; at left is PZ49 in grey, and at centre is PZ37 in green; a large sailing ship is moored beyond; the town rises at right; the sky is grey and featureless; the sea is blue and very calm.  Perhaps LG 1920 (22, as Newlyn boats); Bearne Torquay 29 June 1993 (761).
Newlyn boats
LG 1920 (22); Connoisseur Nov 1920 referred to its “grey simplicity, unhampered by the intrusion of ‘modern’ figures, was restful in effect”.
LG 1920 (23).
Newlyn wagonettes
LG 1920 (18); Sunday Times wrote “an amusing example of Mr Harvey’s genre painting and is analogous to some of Orpen’s Irish pictures both in style and in the humour of the observation”.
Planting potatoes
LG 1920 (15); Colour Oct 1920 mentioned its “abstract rhythmic qualities”; Konody in the Observer 3 Oct 1920 referred to its “Rare energy and concentration”.

Portrait of James Jewill Hill
O/b 12.5 diam.  Sgd BL, dtd 1920.  Frontal head and shoulders of a small boy with dark brown hair cut neatly across his forehead, wearing a V-neck white jacket over a white vest; the background is plain dark red.  James (1917-1940) was younger brother to Stephen and Laura Jewill Hill. Penlee House Gallery & Museum (2004.62).

Portrait of Paul Jewill Hill as a boy
O/c 12.5 diam.  Sgd, dtd 1920.  Stephen Paull Jewill Hill (1912-1985) also appears in Laura and Paul Jewill Hill (1916).  Lay P 12 Oct 2004 (455 illus).

September at Cape Cornwall
LG 1920 (11).
A misprint for Trereife. LG 1920 (27); BH 1932; The Times 5 Feb 1932 wrote “good, sunny, landscape”.
The cave
LG 1920 (12).
The excursion
O/c 20 x 24. Sgd BL, dtd indis 1920.  A child with auburn hair, in a pale yellow jersey and blue socks, sits on a donkey moving right, led by a woman in a red hat with blue stripe and a dark overcoat; at left, following the donkey, is a girl with red hat, yellow jersey, blue skirt and dark stockings; at right is a small brown dog; in the distance are hills.  Colour Oct 1920, p.47 illus; WL.
The gate
LG 1920 (29).  See The gate, Spring (1919).
The inn yard
LG 1920 (17).
The kitchen
LG 1920 (31); F&R Bristol 1939.

The new book
O/c 20 x 19.  Sgd, dtd 1920.   A woman in white blouse and blue skirt facing left holds a book open in both hands; she sits before a window with a deep seat; at TR is a picture on the wall; the overall tonality is very pale. RA 1920 (1); BhL 14 June 2006 (80 illus).

The new book
PEAG 1920. The Cornishman of 17 March 1920 said “Three ladies are in a drawing room, the elder seated at an occasional table evidently reading aloud to the others”.

The potato harvest.   O/c 31 x 25.5.  Sgd BL, dtd 1920.   At left a woman stands facing us in white blouse and long dark skirt, resting her hands on a long rake (?); at right stands a man drinking from a cup held in both hands; between them is an earthen jug; beyond lies a wide expanse of deep blue sea, with a headland at right, and trees; the sky is pale blue.  LG 1920 (19).  PCF West Yorkshire p301 illus (as dated 1910).   Kirklees Museums & Galleries (1983.733).

The road
LG 1920 (20); Colour Oct 1920 mentioned its “beautiful realisation of distance”.
The sunlit room
LG 1920 (14); The Connoisseur Nov 1920 mentioned its figure drawing; Benezit records ‘Piece ensolleillee’ sold for £11-11s in February 1927.
The tea table
O/c 30 x 24.  Sgd BR, dtd 1920.  On a square table covered by a white cloth are several items of a teatime meal; at BL sits a man, his back to the viewer, in blue jacket and brown trousers; opposite him sits an elderly woman clothed in black with a central parting to her hair; at right stands a middle-aged woman in a cream blouse and long dark blue skirt, cutting a large round of cheese; behind is a large kitchen range, and at right a dresser with plates, cups etc.  CL 5 Mar 1987 (46 illus); PCF C&SI p191 illus; WL.  Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro (2001.12.2).
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