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Harold Harvey Paintings 1931 – 1941
Harvey’s last decade displayed all the remarkable abilities he had developed, and the wide range of his subject matter which included interiors, portraits, landscapes, religious themes, and the industrial landscape of Cornwall. In 1938 he featured in an article in Picture Post about the artistic colony at Newlyn. He continued painting up to his death on 19 May 1941.


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Harold Harvey Painting

1931 - 1932 - 1933 - 1934 - 1935 - 1936 - 1937 - 1938 - 1939 - 1940 --1941


Boats, Newlyn harbour
O/c 20 x 20.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 31; sgd and dtd on a label on the frame.  In the fore-ground are six small fishing boats side by side; behind them is a jetty (from right to left) with a boat alongside, and behind that another jetty (from left to right); the coast forms the horizon.  CL 5 June 1992 (17a illus); PHGM 2001 (83).

Sketch of Rhoda
Pencil on paper 7 x 4.5.  Sgd at top, dtd 1931.  Head and shoulder view of a teenage girl facing left, with short hair and open-neck blouse.  The sitter is Rhoda Harvey, Harold’s niece. PGHM 2001 (102).

The blue door. 
O/c 30 x 25.  Sgd BL, dtd indis 31.  At left a blue front door opens onto a sunny terrace with a round table bearing a white cloth and breakfast crockery; left of the table sits a young woman in a yellow blouse and dark blue skirt; she talks to another young woman standing further left leaning against a round column, wearing a long green dress and holding a cup and saucer in both hands; above the terrace a plant grows across the door-space, and a black cat sits at BR; beyond is Mount’s Bay with a ship moored at the quay and St Michael’s Mount in the distance.  The setting is the front of Harvey’s home, Maen Cottage.  This is the first of four treatments of the terrace, the others being ‘The blue door, Newlyn’ (1934), ‘The breakfast table’ (1938) and ‘A balcony, Penzance’ (1940).  BH 1932 and F&R Bristol Sep 1932, both as ‘The doorstep picture’. The Observer of 7 Feb 1932 described it as “among his most striking successes”; Western Daily Press Bristol 16 Sep 1932 p.5 and p.8 illus. SL 12 July 2007 (92 illus). Bangor University (OBOO257, bequeathed 2009).

The Gull Rock
RHA 1931 (170).  A Gull Rock is near Portscatho, and another is at Dodman Point, south of Mevagissey.
The model
O/c 19.25 x 17.  Sgd BL, dtd 31.  Head and shoulders view of a teenage girl seated facing the viewer, with fair complexion and dark hair to her shoulders; she wears an open neck, sleeveless, bright red dress; behind at left are frames and papers; at right are bottles and containers.  BH 1932; S Leverhulme sale 26 June 2001 (462 illus); WL.
View of Treriefe, Cornwall
O/c 18 x 24.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 1931.  Treriefe house is at left, set in its grassy park with cattle; a lop-sided tree stands at centre and tall trees are at far right; an iron 5-bar fence runs across the width of the painting near the lower edge; the sky is blue and cloudy; the dominant colour is the green grass.  CL 21 Mar 1996 (35 illus).
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A Cornish farm
O/c 24 x 20.  Sgd, dtd 32.  PL 12 Nov 1985 (55 illus).

A Cornish mining valley
F&R Bristol Sep 1932. Western Daily Press Bristol 16 Sep 1932 p.5, which wrote “the whole picture gives the viewer an impression of a hot day with a clear atmosphere, despite the absence of sky.”

A study in greens
O/c 24 x 18.  Sgd BR, dtd 1932.  A young woman, shown half-length, with her left hand on hip, looks at the viewer, standing before a mantlepiece on which are glass candleholders. The same mantelpiece appears in ‘The young menage’.  The pose is almost identical to ‘Janie’ (1923).  The model has been identified as Isabel Drew.  RA 1933 (313); RAI 1933 p.88 illus; The Times 2 May 1933 p.18 illus; RGI 1933 (442); RHA 1939 (157, as A study in green); PL 5 Mar 1991 (15 illus); WL.
Boys bathing
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BR, dtd 32; inscr ‘Boys Bathing’ on the canvas overlap.  Seven boys, of whom five are sitting and two standing, on the steps of a stone jetty with water to the left; another is swimming; the tonality is bright.  PL 11 Nov 1986 (30 illus); CL 18 Dec 1991 (115 illus).
Buryas bridge
BH 1932.  Mentioned in The Times 5 Feb 1932.
BH 1932.  The Times of 5 Feb 1932 wrote “he brings everything into the same plane in a decorative pattern”.
Herring boats, the Slip, Newlyn.  O/c 16 x 18.  Sgd BL, dtd 1932.  Boats in the foreground parallel to the lower edge; at left is the quay; beyond are other boats and Newlyn.  Lay P 28 Aug 1986 (399 illus).

Laura Jewill Hill – the unwilling sitter
O/c 19 x 23.  Sgd BL, dtd 32. Title inscr on frame. At centre, Laura sits facing us on an elaborate day-bed with raised head-piece, wearing a large pale skirt and wide belt; her hands are clasped in her lap; at right we see the back of an artist evidently painting her, seated on a chair with a hollow round back; in the foreground is a table with a striped cloth set with cups and tea pot, a jar of liquid, and an ornamental white jar (for sugar?).  Laura Challen Jewill Hill (1907-2004) also appears in Laura and Paul Jewill Hill (1916).

BH 1932.  The Times of 5 Feb 1932 made the same comment as for Gypsies.  Nancherrow is  a hamlet slightly north of St Just. 
Newlyn Coombe
BH 1932.  Mentioned in The Times 5 Feb 1932.
RHA 1932 (41).
Ploughing above Lamorna under a big sky.
O/c 20 x 18. Sgd, dtd 1932. In the foreground horses pull a plough to the right; beyond are rolling hills and fields, under a cloudy sky which fills much of the canvas. Lane P 20 April 2006 (315).
Portrait of Miss Sue Palmer
O/c 20 x 16.  Sgd BL in red-brown, dtd 32. Title inscr in pencil on frame verso.  A head and shoulder frontal view of a young woman with light brown hair in a green open-necked blouse; the background is plain off-white; the light falls from the left. SWS 25 May 2000 (2399 illus, as Portrait of a lady); DMG Winter 2000 (7 illus, as Portrait of a lady); PHGM 2001 (93, as Portrait of Miss Sue Palmer) ; BhL 21 Jan 2015 (113 illus).
Spring, Drift
BH 1932.  The Times of 5 Feb 1932 said it was “a good, sunny, landscape”.
Stream in the woods
O/c 19.5 x 17.5.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 32.  A stream runs from TR to BL between green and wooded banks; the season may be early autumn.  Perhaps Newlyn Coombe.
The harbour office, Penzance
O/c 18 x 19. Sgd, dtd 1932. At centre is a green-roofed building, at right a pink-faced building; behind is the church and other buildings; the foreground is open space, with a man standing at far left. Lane P 29 Sep 2005 (95); Lane P 27 Sep 2012 (480, as The Custom House, quayside Penzance).

The Market House
Sgd BL. A street scene at Penzance with at centre the Davy statue in front of the Market Hall; many people walk about, and a couple ride a motorbike. F&R Bristol Sep 1932; Western Daily Press Bristol 16 Sep 1932 p.5 and p.8 illus.

The red silk shawl
O/c 30 x 25.  Sgd BL in black, dtd 1932.  At right a young woman with dark hair sits in an armless rocking chair, facing left, in a blue-grey jacket, pale green blouse, black skirt and green shoes; she is sewing the red shawl spread over her lap, but looks at the viewer; at left is a lit fireplace; on the mantelshelf and the fitted cupboard are pieces of china and glass; at far right is a console table with a candelabra. The scene is the sitting room at Maen Cottage. Probably BH 1932 (26, as The shawl).  Clevedon Sale Rooms 7 May 1998 (175, as Red silk shawl – lady in parlour at Maen Cottage, Newlyn); SL 3 Dec 1998 (43 illus); CL 5 Nov 99 (190 illus); CL 21 Nov 2003 (36 illus). WL.
The shawl. BH 1932 (26). The Observer of 7 Feb 1932 described it as among “his most striking successes”.  This is probably The red silk shawl (1932).

The top of the bus 
W/c & pencil on paper 8¼ x 6¾ .  Not sgd or dtd.  A study for the oil painting of the same title.  On the yellow wooden benches of an open-top bus, a man in grey clothes and cap, a mother in blue dress and green bonnet and her child, and another man sit on the far side; on the near side sits a young woman with a make-up compact, and an older woman; beyond is countryside with the suggestion of a church spire. CSK 15 April 2008 (50 illus).

The top of the bus
Oil.  RA 1932 (657).
The window
RHA 1932 (126).
The young menage
O/c 36 x 30.  Sgd BR, dtd 1932.  A young couple drinking coffee sit at a dining table bearing a white cloth, set with bowls of fruit and a water jug; behind is a corner cupboard with decorated china; at right a maid in a blue dress stands holding a tray, looking at the woman.  RA 1932 (403); RAI 1932 p.102 illus.  Royal Leamington Spa (A141.1933, donated 1933).
Tolcarne bridge, Newlyn
O/c 17.5 x 19.5.  Sgd BL, dtd 32.  The stream runs under a sunlit round-arched bridge with figures on it; buildings flank the stream and seagulls fly over it; beyond is the town.  Lay P 12 Dec 1985 (140 illus); PHGM 2001 (85, as Newlyn bridge).
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A sunlit room
Oil 30 x 25. Sgd, dtd 1933.  Gertrude sits on a ladder-back chair, facing left, in a striped skirt, sleeveless white bodice and patterned headscarf, about to remove her left shoe; behind is an oval mirror and at left a wardrobe; the floor is sunlit.  RA 1934 (219); Western Morning News 17 Mar 1934 (illus) in report on the NSA Spring exhibition; The Studio March 1942 p.70 illus, as In the bedroom.

Fish stores, Newlyn
O/c 17 x 19.  Sgd BL, dtd 1933. 
Gertrude Harvey
Pencil sketch for A sunlit room / In the bedroom on paper c15 x 19. Full length view of Gertrude on a ladder-back chair facing left, in a patterned headscarf, sleeveless vest and striped skirt; her left hand touches her right shoe, her right hand rests on her left knee. PL 6 June 2000 (202 ni).
Marazion marshes
O/c 29.5 x 24.5.  Sgd BL in black, dtd indis 33.  A view inland towards Ludgvan church at TL; a pair of ducks fly over the reeds in the lower half of the picture.
Mousehole harbour
O/c 20 x 24.  Sgd BR in black, dtd 1933.  In the foreground several dinghies and a small fishing boat are moored in calm water, bows to the left; in the middle ground is a beach with three dinghies and two figures standing by the red one; above are houses along the harbour front; at BL are dark rocks.  Lane P 14 Feb 1975 (141 illus); BhL 22 July 1993 (16).
Newlyn Coombe
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BL, dtd 33.  An upstream view of water flowing over small rocks toward the viewer; at right are trees and foliage; at left is the stream bank with shrubs and a railing on which lean three figures; further left are fish warehouses which reach the upper frame; a figure sits on a window cill; the tonality is sunny and light.  PL 10 Nov 1987 (19 illus, prov. the artist’s family); PL 13 Sep 1988 (10 ni); WL.
Portrait of a gentleman.
O/c 26 x 21.5.  Sgd BL, dtd 33.  A man with a moustache sits facing the viewer, in a suit; his left hand holds a cigarette and has a ring on the little finger; his right hand is on his lap holding a monocle on a string; the background is plain. The 1988 identification of the sitter as the artist’s father is uncertain.  Lay P 26 Feb 1987 (336 ni, as Portrait of a gentleman); CL 18 Feb 1988 (133 illus as Portrait of the artist’s father); Woolley & Walling, Salisbury 9 Nov 1988 (112, as Portrait of the artist’s father, Francis Harvey); PL 2 Dec 1988 (243, as Portrait of a gentleman smoking a cigarette); SWS 29 Jan 2001 (1702, as Portrait of the artist’s father, Francis Harvey).
Study for Portrait of a Gentleman.
Charcoal, 22 x 12. Sgd, dtd 1933. Three-quarter length view of a mature man in jacket and tie seated facing right, looking at us, with a sketch pad in his lap; his raised left hand holds a cigarette, his right hand a pencil. Matthews, Oldcastle, Eire 30 Dec 2016 (140 illus).
O/c 14 x 14.  Sgd BL, dtd 33.  A group of several large reddish-pink blooms occupies much of the centre, surrounded by foliage.  Lane P 1 Dec 1983 (268 ni, as 14 x 13); Lay P 9 Feb 1995 (214 illus); PL 6 June 1995 (18 illus).
The patchwork quilt
O/c.  Sgd BL, dtd 33.  A woman seated centre in a wooden rocking chair facing left, with a large patchwork quilt spread over her lap and occupying the whole foreground; her left hand holds the fabric and her right hand is raised as if sewing; behind her at left is a fireplace and a wooden cupboard; at right is a console table beneath a circular mirror; in the right foreground is a small table with sewing equipment.  RA 1933 (382); CIP 31st International Exhibition 1933 (158); RHA 1936 (175); Apollo March 1969; WL.
The stream in winter
O/c 18 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 33; inscr on the stretcher.  A view up a full stream between close banks with trees; the colours are mainly yellowish, indicating sunlight on foliage and water.  PL 10 May 1988 (12 illus, prov. given to the present owner by the artist as a wedding present). ; CSK 18 Nov 2009 (109 illus); Newlyn School Gallery, Penzance 2010 (as Lamorna River).
The young artist
O/c 19 x 17.  Sgd, dtd 33.  At left is a boy facing right, seated at a circular table on which are a paint box, colouring book and magazines, the foremost of which is entitled COAL; behind is a window and shrubs visible beyond; at TR is a truncated figure.  The Cornishman 1938 described it as “ a simple domestic composition depicting a small boy with his box of paints intently painting, while (Harvey) has ingeniously conveyed the presence of the mother by a pair of hands knitting in the background”.  PEAG Mar 1938; RA 1938 (683); The Studio March 1942 p.70 illus; Lane P 20 July 1974 (80).
Trewoofe farm, a man ploughing beneath trees
O/c 19 x 17.5.  Sgd BL, dtd 33.  In the foreground is a ploughed field; at right a man ploughs with a pale horse moving left; beyond are trees and farm buildings.  Lay P 12 Dec 1985 (398 illus).
PEAG March 1933. The Western Morning News of 24 March 1933 said it “shows two girls and a man on a walking tour equipped with hikers paraphernalia”.
Wheelbarrow in garden
O/c 16.5 x 12.5.  Init, dtd 1933.  SL 30 Apr 1986 (484 ni).
Zena.  O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 33.  A frontal half-length portrait of a young girl; she has short hair and wears a pink short-sleeved shirt; she sits in a wooden chair with her head against the top back rail; her right arm is in a sling of dark patterned fabric; her hands are clasped at the lower edge; the background is plain grey-pink. The Notebook records “Zena : girl with arm in a sling, 20 x 18”.  Lay P 14 Dec 1989 (455 illus); PL 17 Nov 1998 (2 illus).
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A fete champetre
O/c 40 x 36.  Sgd BR, dtd 34. A drummer and three brass players stand at BL; at right is a marquee and four figures; beyond are Trereife House and many people. This shows the Whit Monday Newlyn Gala in the grounds of Trereife House, when villagers processed with the banner designed by Frank Bramley and John Mackenzie, and two brass bands.  RA 1934 (399); RAI 1934 p.90 illus; CIP 1934 (110); RHA 1936 (126); The Studio March 1942 p.71 illus; PL 23 Apr 1985 (43 illus); SL 13 May 1987 (132 illus); WL.

A little maiden
O/c  20 x 18. 1934. An adolescent girl shown 3/4 length, stands facing left, her left hand on hip, wearing a white blouse; she is on a hill overlooking Newlyn town and harbour, and pale blue sea .  RA 1935 (515); RAI 1935 p.78 illus; PHGM 2001 (70) -  PCF Staffordshire p101 and 279 illus.. Wolverhampton Art Gallery (OP.294), donated 1935.
Girl with a toy parrot
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BR, dtd 34.  A girl in a white dress, facing right, with a white parrot sitting in a tree at eye level.  Lane P 20 July 1974 (271 as The toy parrot); SL 6 Feb 1985 (392 illus, as Girl with cockatoo); CL 12 June 1986 (92 illus, as The toy parrot); CL 29 July 1988 (141 illus, as Girl with a parrot); BAL 37921; WL.
Oil. This may be ‘Walkers’ of 1933. Atkinson Art Gallery Southport, 49th Spring exhn of Modern Art 1934 (388, price £100).
Lady Gwen Cornish tin mine
O/c 34 x 50.  Sgd BR, dtd 34.  Industrial machinery and buildings in a rolling landscape, under a large blue sky.  The mine was at Breage, near Helston.  CL 4 Mar 1983 (218 ni, as The pit head); Lane P 13 Dec 1984 (214 illus); PL 25 Mar 1986 (46 ni, as Lady Gwen tin mine); CL 13 Nov 1986 (49 illus, as The Lady, a Cornish tin mine); Lane P 28 Feb 1989 (450 illus); Lane P 3 May 1989 (375 illus); CL 8 June 2001 (126 illus, as The Lady, Wheal Reeth Tine Mine, Breage, Cornwall); WL.
Penberth Cove
O/c 15.5 x 13.5.  Sgd BR in black, dtd 34. A narrow stream runs under a flat stone bridge; beyond are huts and at left boats are beached; a figure stands close to the bridge.  Light tones predominate.  Penberth is a little north of Treryn Dinas.  PHGM 2001 (88).
O/c 22 x 20.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 34; title inscr in red below the image.  A young woman with fair hair faces half-right, wearing a pale open-neck blouse; behind is a green curtain.  This portrays Rhoda Harvey (1914-2005), a niece of Harold’s who was a lover of Ben Nicholson’s in the 1950s.  PHGM 2001 (92, as dated 1931). PCF C&SI p113 illus.   Penlee House Gallery & Museum (2003.35).
Study for the ‘Blue door’
Pencil and watercolour 8.5 x 5.75.  Init.  PL 12 Nov 1985 (56 ni).
The accordionist; study for ‘The blue door’
Pencil sketch on paper c15 x 19. Full-length view of a man on a chair, in a hat, jacket and muffler; his legs apart, the right foot rests on something on the ground; he holds an extended accordion and his left hand is not visible; at TR is a slight sketch for the right end of the accordion and his left hand. PL 6 June 2000 (202 ni).
The blue door, Newlyn
O/c 30 x 25.  Sgd BR, dtd 34.  At left a blue door opens onto a terrace above the harbour; on the terrace sits a man facing the viewer and holding an open accordion; at left stands a woman in a pink blouse, knitting.  The setting is the porch at Maen Cottage.  The models have been identified as Kitty Batten and Arthur Chiffers.  F&R 1938; SL 12 Nov 1986 (42 illus); PHGM 2001 (72); Hardie p.102 illus; WL.
The idler.  RHA 1934 (40). The Cornishman of 23 March 1933 noted “a girl looking in a hand mirror and neglecting her housemaid’s work”.
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A Cornish homestead
O/c 25 x 30.  Sgd BR, dtd 35.  Several farm buildings occupy the middle ground; in the foreground a man sits on a white horse which drinks from a pond, a brown horse alongside; beyond are green fields and hills.  F&R 1938; CL 13 Nov 1986 (47 illus); WL.

A May procession
O/c 72 x 36.  Sgd BR, dtd 35.  A procession of girls in white robes and head veils with garlands moves left towards the viewer; the three girls in the foreground have their hands clasped in prayer, whilst the two behind carry a statue of the Virgin Mary on a blue cushion. The setting is an unknown church with Byzantine arches; the perspective is flat; the girls’ faces are painted in detail. RA 1935 (163); CIP 1935 (92); The Times 4 May 1935 (illus); Lane P 4 Dec 1980 (339 ni); CL 12 Mar 1982 (78 illus); PL 10 Nov 1987 (41 illus); PIN p.83 (ni); PHGM 2001 (91); WL. Lane P 10 Sep 2009 (200 illus); CL 14 Dec 2016 (86 illus);
Cornish miners
O/c 30 x 25.  Sgd BL, dtd 1935; inscr on the stretcher.  Several miners in helmets with lamps move toward the viewer; the central man looks at the viewer; the right hand man smokes a cigarette; behind, at right stands a horse and cart; at TL are the struts of a mine shaft.  Said to have been done in a studio against a painted backdrop of a mine in Manila or Malaya.  The two main figures have been identified as Sidney Angove (L) and Nicholas Grenfell (R).  RA 1936 (735); Southport 1938; PL 25 Mar 1986 (45 ni); PL 11 Nov 1986 (106 illus); Lane P 3 May 1989 (588); Lane P 28 Sep 1989 (480 illus); PHGM May 1993 (66 illus, as Tin Miners); PHGM 2001 (96, as St Just tin miners) PCF C&SI p191 illus; Under the open sky, by C Wallace p63 illus; Amongst heroes, London 2013; Amongst heroes, p50 illus.. Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro (1991.94), as St Just tin miners, acquired 22 Oct 1991.  WL.
Old Newlyn
O/c 24 x 20. Sgd BR in brown, dtd 35. High up on a steep village road with whitewashed houses on both sides, a donkey cart approaches carrying goods; a woman selects items from the cart; at left are telegraph poles, a woman carries a pail in each hand, and washing hangs in the sunshine; at right figures stand in the doorways and a girl in a red dress pets a seated dog; beside her is an empty rocking cradle; the light is sunny and the sky misty with thin clouds. The scene prefigures ‘Old Paul Hill’ of 1940. BhL 23 Jan 2013 (106 illus); BhL 10 July 2013 (130 illus).

Portrait of a man.
O/c 20 x 12.  Sgd BR, dtd 35 or perhaps 38.  Head and shoulder portrait of a mature man with receding hair facing half left, wearing a red bow tie and pale jacket over a white shirt; the background is plain green. 

Portrait of Stella Mary Burdett.
O/c 20 x 16. Sgd BR in red, dtd 35. Half length view of a young woman with blue eyes and blonde hair , wearing a green-blue cardigan over a pale spotted dress, facing half-left, seated in an armchair, her head on a pale blue cushion and holding a red-covered book in her right hand. The sitter (1916-1996) studied at the Slade School of Art and exhibited at Bristol etc. BhL 25 Jan 2012 (174 illus).
The land’s end
O/b 21 x 18.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 1934 or 35. RA label on reverse.  The left foreground is occupied by rocks and a grassy ledge, with pink flowers at far left, overlooking blue-grey sea; in the distance are rocky islands.  RA 1936 (326); perhaps CIP 1936 (146); RHA 1938 (151); PHGM 2001 (43, as Rocks off Land’s End).
The road to the moor
O/c 14 x 18. Sgd, dtd 35.  SL 28 Sep 1993 (1056 ni).
Woman herding cows before a farmstead
O/c 16 x 18.  Sgd, dtd 1935.  A broad landscape with a rocky outcrop in the centre; at left is a woman with cows moving right towards a farmhouse with a smoking chimney; beyond is a wide Cornish landscape with clay tips; at BR are foxgloves; the sky is cloudy.  Lane P 30 July 1987 (140 illus).
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A daughter of Newlyn
O/p 17.5 x 15.5.  Sgd BR in red; inscr rev title and dtd 1936.  Head and shoulder frontal view of a young girl with parted brown hair and red lips, in a pale green/blue dress with a dark blue collar, against a plain pale blue ground. The sitter has been identified as Iris Angove (b.1928), a daughter of Sidney Angove who appears in St Just tin miners (1935).   The Notebook records “Iris Angove 16 x 14”.  S Chester 20 Oct 1988 (3149 illus); Lay P 8 Dec 1988 (398 illus, as Portrait of a girl); SWS 26 Jan 1993 (267); SL 13 Dec 2005 (74 illus); CL 22 Nov 2006 (286 illus). Lane P 27 Sep 2007 (310 illus, as The daughter of Newlyn).

A Georgian house, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn
O/c 19.5 x 17.5.  Sgd BL, dtd 36.  A double-fronted brick house with four bay windows; before it are tall palm trees.  Lay P 9 May 1985 (428 illus).
A windy day
O/c 18 x 18. Sgd BL in red, dtd 36. Title inscr on the frame reverse in pencil and ‘Harold Harvey, Maen cottage, Newlyn, Penzance’. Label recording ownership by Elizabeth J Ollerhead 1942. Old trees grow at left, reaching the upper edge, sunlight falling from the left on their leaves and branches; at right an earth path leads into the distance past a few cattle and more trees; the small area of sky is cloudy with blue patches. The site has been identified as Newland Hill. Bath Auctioneers 24 May 2017 (50 illus). ; Lane P 17 May 2018 (50).
Marazion marsh
O/c 20 x 30.  Sgd, dtd 1936.  Lane P 18 Mar 1982 (155).
Portrait of a lady
O/c 12.5 x 10.5.  Sgd BL, dtd 36.  A young woman smiling, in a rollneck jumper and hat, facing the viewer, against a simple landscape.  SWS 26 Jan 1993 (260 illus).
St Michael’s Mount
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BL, dtd 1936; inscr on the reverse ‘St Michael’s Mount’.  Close-up view of the Mount, mainly in blue tones; a yacht with white sails moves left in the foreground.  CL 12 June 1987 (122 illus); Lay P 10 Dec 1987 (183 illus); SL 12 Oct 1988 (74 illus); SL 11 Oct 1989 (210 illus); CL 27 Nov 1997 (148); WL.
Study of a little girl
O/c 18 x 16.  Sgd BR, dtd 36. A girl facing the viewer, in a spotted dress with a plain dark blue collar. The design is the same as in ‘A daughter of Newlyn’.  SL 13 May 1987 (136 illus);  (85 illus, as Study of a child); WL.
Summer’s afternoon, Tredavoe
O/c 19 x 24.  Sgd, dtd 36.  SWS 22 Oct 1985 (2824).
The duck pond
O/c 18 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 36.  In the foreground is a pond which flows out at BR; several small white ducks swim at the far end; beyond them is a white gate and farm buildings; at left stands a figure.  Lay P 22 June 1989 (294 illus, as A Cornish farm); PL 29 Jan 1991 (28 illus); SL 3 Mar 1999 (34 illus); SWS 26 Oct 1999 (1215 illus). WL
The Longships lighthouse, Land’s End
O/c 14 x 18.  Sgd BL, dtd 36.  The foreground comprises eroded paths, grass and rocks, with about 15 people mostly close to the sea edge; beyond is a wind-swept sea flecked with foam, breaking upon the rocks bearing the lighthouse; the cloudy sky occupies a third of the canvas height.  This painting was given by the artist to Morgan Hosking as payment for use of his telephone.  Lane P 3 May 1989 (604 illus); Lane P 28 Sep 1989 (250 illus); PHGM 2001 (44) PCF C&SI p113 illus.  Penlee House & Gallery Museum (1994.L139P), Lane P 30 Sep 2010 (434 ni) on loan from a private collection. WL.
The shop window (aka The village shop)
O/c 18 x 16.  Sgd BR in black, dtd 1936.  Two young girls in a red and a white dress stand with back to the viewer looking at boxes of fruit etc at a greengrocer’s shop; the taller right girl wears a white dress and has her left arm round the neck of the shorter left girl; both wear sandals; in the foreground are tubs and vases of flowers and vegetables, showing rare use of sgraffito.  The work is strongly coloured.  Bonhams identified the shop as Elsie Boulden’s greengrocers in Jack Lane, Newlyn. PHGM 2001 (99); BhL 2 July 2002 (20 illus); BhL 25 March 2003 (10 illus). WL

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A wooded lane.  O/c 20 x 16.  Sgd BR, dtd 37.  A lane leads into the picture, flanked by trees; at right a figure sits on a bank.  Lay P 12 Dec 1985 (399 illus, as Summer sunlight, a man resting at the roadside); CL 12 June 1987 (123 illus, as By the wayside); SL 1 Mar 1989 (42 illus, as A wooded lane); Lane P 27 Sep 1990 (55 illus, as A rest by the wayside); WL.

Children by a stile
O/c 18 x 20.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 37. In the left foreground is a stone stile and a path leading across a meadow; at right are two children on the field wall; the left child lies prone and looks at the viewer; the right child sits looking left; beyond are gentle hills.  Lay P 26 July 1990 (546 illus).
Drift farm
WAGB 1937, Pictures of Cornwall and Devon by Modern Artists (30, price £52-10s).  Perhaps the same as ‘Farmstead, Drift’.
Farm lad astride a pony
O/c 18 x 20.  Sgd BL, dtd 37. A large horse moving left occupies most of the canvas, ridden by a young man in waistcoat and cap; behind is a landscape. Lay P 17 Apr 1986 (329 illus).
Farmstead among trees
O/c 19.5 x 17.5.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 37.  Tall trees provide much of the subject matter, with a hint of early autumn in the colouring; below the trees are farm buildings; in the foreground a few cows grazing are watched by a man.  Perhaps the same as ‘Farmstead, Drift’.
Joan James
Oil. The Notebook records “Joan James 16 x 14”.  The model was also painted by Dod Procter as ‘Girl in a chair’ (c1934) and ‘Blue’ (1938).  Joan James was born in 1923 and was later Joan Denton.  The Cornishman in 1937 said “It ... portrays a girl simply dressed as the main subject of the picture, while the background is of hills”. PEAG March 1937; RA 1937 (131).

Portrait of a young girl. 
O/c 20 x 17.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 37.  Head and shoulders of a teenager with brown hair and eyes, a red band in her hair, with a brown-purple shawl with delicate stripes over a white V-neck blouse, facing the viewer; the background is plain yellow. The girl has been identified by her daughter as Joan James.   Lay P 15 June 1988 (15 illus, as Head of a girl); Lane P 27 Mar 1990 (220 illus as Head and shoulder portrait of a young girl).); Taylor, Honiton 19 Mar 1992 (33); PHGM 2001 (100, as Girl in a shawl); BhL 21 Nov 2007 (116 illus, as The brown eyed girl : Portrait of Joan James).

Study of a young girl
O/c 19 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 37.  A girl with dark brown hair parted centrally sits on a chair facing the viewer, wearing a white dress; her arms are folded in her lap, and her legs and feet are bare; behind is a plain cream wall; the floor is mid-brown.  CL 29 June 1989 (43 illus).
The favourite necklace
O/c 25 x 30.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 37.   A young woman stands at right by a console table and a circular mirror, wearing a black cardigan and a long pink skirt, holding a single-string pearl necklace at her throat. Lane P 26 Feb 2004 (150 illus, as The string of pearls); SL 25 Nov 2004 (418 illus).
The green boat
O/b 22 x 24.  Sgd, dtd 37.  PL 23 Apr 1985 (27 ni).
The letter
O/c 24 x 20.  Sgd BL, dtd 37.  A woman with a horizontally striped green skirt stands centre facing left, her left hand resting on a rounded console table beside her; her right hand is outstretched holding a letter she is reading; the envelope is on the table; above the table is a large mirror in a heavy frame; at left is a small dog looking at the woman; at the right edge is a yellow-seated chair and a door frame; at the left edge is a door.  The dog, Murtagh, was a neighbour’s and was called Murty.  SL 3 Nov 1982 (45 illus); PL 10 Nov 1987 (97 illus); PL 3 Mar 1998 (37 illus); CL 7 June 2002 (74 illus). WL.
The vision
Oil. The Notebook records ‘Vision’. The Cornishman of March 1937 reported “Another very effective piece of work is ‘Vision’, a study of a young woman with a startled expression on her face.  This emotion is very well conveyed”. RA 1937 (621); PEAG March 1937.
O/c 17.5 x 19.5. Sgd BL in red, dtd 37.  In the foreground is a sloping meadow with a few brown cows and a man seated at far left; in the centre are trees and houses; at right is a stream; the sky is grey.   PHGM 2001 (51).
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A summer morning
O/c 30 x 25.  Sgd, dtd 38. The Cornishman of March 1939 wrote “It shows three girls on a sunlit flooded terrace after breakfast, with the blue of Mounts Bay stretching away in the distance”. An unknown review said “poetry is less inherent in the subject, but what a matter-of-fact piece of prose most painters would have made of it and how many subtle undertones Mr Harvey has got into it”. PEAG Mar 1939; RA 1939 (362); SL 13 May 1992 (39).

Ancilla Domini
Oil. An unknown review said “a rustic version of the Annunciation in much the same manner as Dod Procter (a reference to her ‘Blue’), is more sensitive in attitude and gesture and less sensitive in colour and modelling”.  RA 1938 (378).
Bog farm
O/c 24 x 36.  Sgd BL, dtd 38.  A row of buildings occupies the centre middle distance; in the foreground a path leads left among low trees; beyond the farm are hills with trees; a copse stands on the horizon at right.  RA 1938 (742); The Studio March 1942 p.71 illus; Lay P 4 Dec 1986 (382 illus, as Farm near Marazion); SL 2 Oct 1996 (35 illus, as Farm in Marazion).
Farmstead, Drift
RHA 1938 (184).
John Humphreys.
O/c 30 x 25. 1938. Frontal head and shoulders of an elderly bald man in round glasses, with white moustache, wearing a dark jacket over waistcoat and white shirt; his right elbow rests on his desk, his hand on his jaw; on the desk is a silver container, a book (?), and a small animal’s skull. Humphreys (1850-1937) was professor of dentistry. Commissioned by the University. University of Birmingham AO.634
My kitchen
RHA 1938 (171).
Portrait of Mr Brash
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 38.  Head and shoulder view of a mature man facing us, with receding grey hair and a full face, wearing a brown jacket with white shirt and green tie; in the breast pocket is a dark green handkerchief; over his right lapel is a string securing a small object (eg monocle, watch or medal) obscured by the lower frame; the background is plain dark green.  BhL 14 June 2005 (38 illus).
St Michael’s Mount from Marazion
O/c 14 x 18.  Sgd BR, dtd 1938.  In the foreground are houses with a gate in a wall; a house fills much of the right edge; above is the Mount.  Lane P 10 June 1977 (84 illus).
The breakfast table
O/c 22 x 18.  Sgd BL in red, dtd indis 38.  On a terrace above Mounts Bay, at left a woman stands leaning against a round column, facing right and in a pale dress, her left hand behind her head and her right hand holding a tea cup; at right is a round table with green legs, set with a blue and white checked cloth, tea things and a vase of yellow flowers; behind it sits a young woman in a blue dress, her left hand resting on the table; a parrot perches on her right hand; in the foreground a girl in a white dress sits on the threshold, facing left and holding a tea cup in both hands; the terrace is decorated with foliage and flowers.  The setting is the porch of Maen Cottage. RA 1939 (362). Reproduced in reverse by Frost & Reed in 1946 as ‘Tea-Time Newlyn’.  SL 5 Mar 1997 (32 illus).  WL.
The brook, Lamorna
O/c 22 x 19.5.  Sgd BL, dtd 38.  A stream runs towards the viewer; at left is a grassy bank; at right are trees and shrubs.  This is a rare depiction of the Lamorna area, and was painted from the studio of SJ Lamorna Birch.  Lane P 15 Mar 1984 (130 illus); CL 6 Mar 1986 (78 illus); Lane P 27 Mar 1990 (405 illus, as Wooded stream, Lamorna); WL.
The market gardener
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BL in red, dtd 38.  Three-quarter length view of a man standing facing half-left, hands resting on the hoe handle, in a cap, grey pullover, yellow shirt with rolled sleeves and dark trousers.  The model is Vivian Pearce who owned land in front of Maen Cottage.  Lay P 8 Oct 1998 (375 illus, as The market gardener, in an anemone field); Lay P 18 Feb 1999 (52 illus, as before); CL 4 June 1999 (234 illus).
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A shower
F&R 1939.  An unknown review described it as “children endeavouring to shelter themselves from the rain”.

Oil.  Sgd BL.  In the left foreground a woman picks beans, and at right a man stands leaning on an implement; before them sits a girl facing left, in a pale dress; beyond is a distant landscape.  There were allotments just below Maen Cottage. The Cornishman in March 1939 reported “The whole composition of ‘Allotments’ is an extraordinarily fine piece of work.  The drawing of the three figures who occupy the centre of the picture is very well done, while the draughtsmanship shown in the drawing of the patchwork of allotments in the background calls for special praise”. An early stage of this work in Harvey’s studio is illustrated in Picture Post 15 Oct 1938.  PEAG Mar 1939; RA 1939 (625); RAI 1939 p.9 illus.
F&R 1939.  An unknown review described it as “children amidst a gay landscape eloquent of truth and nature”, and another as “rain in the distant fields”.
RHA 1939 (30).
Cornish lane
O/c 16 x 12.  Sgd BL, dtd 39.  A sunlit view of a country path leading into the middle distance between hedges and trees; behind is a red field being worked.  SL30 Apr 1986 (480 illus, as A country lane); Lane P 30 July 1987 (320 illus).
Cutting broccoli
F&R 1939.  An unknown review described it as “especially strong, the rural scene presented with a fidelity which evinces that it powerfully appealed to the limner”.  Another mentioned its “unmistakable open-air atmosphere”.
Farm at Tredavoe
O/c 18 x 20.  Sgd BL, dtd 1939.  At left a vast tree in leaf spreads over sunlit farm buildings; at centre a metal barred gate leads away from a grassy meadow; at right a cow stands by a building.  PL 8 Mar 1988 (7 illus); P Exeter 30 Mar 1994 (559, as Tredavoe farm Cornwall, as 18 x 19); CL 21 Mar 1996 (36 illus, as Tredavoe farm, Newlyn, in a frame hand painted by the artist).

O/c 18 x 20.  Sgd, dtd 39.  A sunlit view along the western harbour mole, facing east; several small boats are moored in the harbour at left; at right a simple crane is working; beyond, on the headland several buildings catch the sun, a hill rising behind them.  Gorringes, Lewes 29 Nov 2005 (2535). CL 7 June 2007 (144 illus); Barnes Thomas, Penzance 14 Feb 2011 (71 illus).

Newlyn harbour
O/c 12 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 39. Several men look towards the market building at right, with boats alongside; beyond, the town rises up the hill; at far left is an iron gate with a boat beyond; the sky is cloudy; the work is loosely painted. PL 12 Nov 1985 (88 ni); PL 28 Jan 1986 (50 illus); Lane P 4 May 2000 (200 illus, as Newlyn harbour and fish market); Lane P 24 Apr 2001 (275, as Newlyn fishmarket and harbour); Lane P 15 Dec 2016 (175 illus, as The fish market, Newlyn harbour).
Over the hills
F&R 1939.  An unknown review mentioned its “unmistakable open-air atmosphere”.
F&R 1939.  An unknown review described it as “subject robust and of interest by reason of their strong resemblance to nature”.
The garden seat
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 1939.  A girl facing left sits on a blue backless bench sited on grass, in a white dress, her hands on the bench; by her right foot is a basket of greenery; behind are flowers and a piece of wall.  SL 27 Mar 1991 (56 illus).  WL.
The poplars, Monmouth
F&R 1939.  An unknown review mentioned “trees standing out darkly”.
The sun bath
F&R 1939.
The yellow blouse
O/c 19.25 x 15.  Sgd BL, dtd 39.  A young girl with blond hair faces the viewer, in a pinkish jacket open over a yellow blouse, both with large buttons; the background is plain dark brown.  PL 23 Apr 1985 (31 illus); CL 13 Nov 1986 (48 illus); CSK 18 Dec 2012 (120 illus). WL.
Tin miners
O/c 40 x 30. Sgd BR in red, dtd 1939. Two young men stand in the foreground, wearing helmets with lamps. The left man is frontal, with a pipe in his mouth and a roll of wire over his right arm; the right man faces left in profile with his left hand in his pocket, and his right hand on his right lapel. Behind are mine buildings. The figures are Sidney Angrove (R) and Nicholas Grenfell (L). RA 1939 (383). BhL 25 Jan 2012 (173 illus).

Washing fish boxes, Newlyn.  O/c 22 x 20.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 39.  The Newlyn stream flows towards us down the centre of the canvas; in the distance a man washes boxes in the water; beyond is a building with a horse and cart standing before it. SL 1 Oct 1997 (18 illus); PHGM 2001 (86); CL 7 June 2002 (62 illus, as 22 x 20); DMG Spring 2009 (12 illus, as Washing fish boxes, Newlyn River). WL.

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A balcony, Penzance
O/c 24 x 18.  Sgd BL, dtd 1940.  A view onto a stone balcony, a blue door at left; the balcony has a column at left, and a circular table and chair; a cat sits on the threshold; beyond is the harbour and St Michael’s Mount.  The setting is the same as in ‘The blue door, Newlyn’ (1934) and ‘The breakfast table’ (1938). SL 13 Nov 1985 (123 illus); WL.

Oil.  RA 1940 (659).  The Notebook records ‘Ailsa’.  Probably a portrait of Ailsa Morley Rae, who married Harold’s nephew Raymond Vigurs Harvey in the summer of 1937.
An old street in Newlyn
O/c 23.5 x 19.75.  Sgd BL, dtd 1940.  A view down the hill, flanked at right by a terrace of creamy yellow houses; at left a man leans on a low stone wall; in the distance is the harbour.  The houses are still there, and Harvey has shown them in morning sunshine.  Lay P 12 Dec 1985 (397 illus, as An old street in Newlyn); SWS 25 June 1986 (555 illus, as Old Paul Hill, Newlyn); PL 15 Nov 1988 (51 illus, as An old street in Newlyn).
August 1939
Oil 70 x 60.  Sgd BL, dtd 1940.  A beach scene with eight figures in the foreground; behind and above is a promenade with more figures.  RA 1940 (348); RAI 1940 p.72 illus.
In the garden
O/c 20 x 16.  Sgd BR, dtd 1940. A full-length view of a young woman in pale clothes and red headscarf, sitting with knees bent in a flowery garden; she reads a book on her lap. PHGM 2001 (98). 
Newlyn harbour
O/c 30 x 16.  Sgd BL, dtd 1940.  At right a tree rises the full height of the canvas and frames a view of Newlyn harbour; the south pier and lighthouse are visible; in the foreground is sloping ground with a man leaning on a hoe. PMAG May 1993 (67 illus); Lay P 27 Oct 2016 (380, as Looking down to Newlyn harbour).
Portrait of a girl in riding dress
O/c 19.5 x 17.5.  Sgd BR, dtd 1940.  Full length portrait of a girl facing left, standing by a bay window; her left hand is in her pocket, the right hand holds a whip; her right leg is bent at the knee, the foot resting on an armed chair.  Lane P 7 Oct 1977 (34 illus).
Portrait of Michael Spring
O/c 23.5 x 19.  Sgd BR, dtd 1940.  Head and upper torso view of a young man with thick hair facing half left; his hands hold the lapels of his open jacket. He is shown aged about 17, and is the second son of writer (Robert) Howard Spring (1889-1965) whose famous novel ‘Fame is the spur’ was published in 1940.  The Spring family lived at Mylor, near Falmouth, at this time.  Michael lodged with the Harveys in Newlyn while taking painting lessons from Dod Procter.  PHGM 2001 (45).
Sleeping cat
Sgd, dtd 1940.  O/c 16 x 18.  Lay P 12 Oct 2004 (454 illus).
The corner pool, Lamorna
O/c 23 x 19.  Sgd, dtd 1940.  A stream flows up the centre of the picture, flanked at left by trees on the bank.  The Notebook records “The corner pool, 20 x 24”.  Lay P 5 Oct 1989 (532 illus); Lay P 14 Dec 1989 (181 ni). Lay P 31 July 2008 (207 illus).
The gate
O/c 24 x 21.  Sgd H Harvey in red, dtd 1940. In the foreground is a white wooden garden gate; it is joined at left by red chain-link mesh; behind are white houses and gardens with trees; the lower half of the gate is in shadow but the rest of the scene is sunny. NSA Summer 1941 PCF C&SI p191 illus. Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro (1941.78); acquired 5 Nov 1941, presented by NSA and friends of Harold Harvey.  WL.
The onion boy.  O/c 24 x 20.  Sgd BR in red, dtd 1940.  A half-length portrait filling the height of the canvas; a teenage boy faces the viewer in black beret and dark blue jersey with short sleeves; he stands by a railing with a string of onions over his right shoulder; behind is the harbour at Newlyn with several boats. The model has been identified as an evacuee, Samuel Richard Kemp (1927-1996).  PL 23 Apr 1985 (42 illus, prov. a wedding gift to the owner from Harvey’s widow).
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Bridge over a river in a Cornish village.
O/c 20 x 18.  Sgd, dtd 1941.  PL 9 Jan 1987 (279).

Oil.  Perhaps a portrait of Joan Manning-Sanders. RA 1941 (34); RGI 1941 (93).
Mine workings
O/c 18 x 20.  Sgd, dtd 1941.  In the foreground are two mine pumps; the background is fields and hills with a blue sky.  PHGM 2001 (97).
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