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Harold Harvey Paintings - Undated Works
Undated works in alphabetical order with estimated dates where possible.
If you know any further information about any of these pieces, please let us know.

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Harold Harvey Painting


Undated Works

A boy and two horses
O/c 14.5 x 17.5. Sgd BL. A boy on a dark horse moving left, with a white horse on his far side; at left is a gabled farm building. Lay P 6 June 1996 (145 illus).

A girl in a red dress
O/c 19 x 15. Sgd; perhaps mid-1930s. Head and shoulder view of a young woman in a sleeveless blouse with wide-open collar, looking left, her arms folded. The Notebook records “The Red Dress (Joan) 20 x 16”. SL 1 Mar 1989 (76 illus); Lane P 12 July 1990 (209 ni, as Portrait of a girl in a red dress); Tennants, Leyburn 22 Nov 2002 (746 illus, as Portrait of a woman half length in a red blouse); WL.

A seated gentleman
Pencil sketch 18.5 x 11.5. Lay P 6 Oct 1988 (29 ni).
After a storm
O/c 25 x 30. Sgd BR in black; 1930s. Damaged trees in a park-landscape, and farm buildings in the distance at right. CL 28 Nov 1996 (75 illus).
An afternoon walk
O/c 20 x 18. Sgd. A woman walks away from us in a white dress and black hat and shawl, along a rural path with hedges at left and trees at right; the sky is blue. Bamfords, Derby 13 Oct 2010 (1322 illus).
At the watering hole
O/c 16 x 12. Sgd BL. In the foreground a boy on a white horse moving towards us rides through a pool; behind at left are more horses, and beyond them are trees and buildings. SL 13 May 1992 (1); PHGM 2001 (24).
Blowing dandelions
O/c 18 x 16.25. Sgd BR; indis dtd; c1902. In the foreground a young girl sits on a grassy hillside, facing left, in a white smock over a black dress and with a red bow tied to her left plait; to the left sits another child wearing a blue striped hat and blue jacket; behind lies a distant landscape of fields and hills. CL 9 June 1988 (13 illus).
By the sea
O/c 22 x 26. Sgd. A different size to the 1917 work of this title. BhL 1 May 1975 (27 ni).
Children on the quay, Newlyn
O/c 15 x 18. Early style. In the foreground at left a boy in a white shirt sits facing half-right, his left leg outstretched with bare foot, pulling a sock onto his right foot; at right a young girl in a white cap and red shirt under a dark dress leans against something, looking left at the boy; in the middle distance are several figures along the quay edge; at TL is the lighthouse and at TR the Old Quay. Lay P 17 Apr 1986 (322 illus, as Children on the beach); PL 8 Mar 1988 (5 illus).
Children swinging on the gate.
O/c 16 x 18. Sgd BR. In bright sunshine three children play with a five-bar gate. At left a girl in a red dress over a white blouse faces right, pushing the gate open; another girl in white dress and bonnet sits on the top bar; at right a boy in a blue shirt leans over the top bar. Behind is Mounts Bay with St Michael’s Mount at right. The girl in red is similar to that in other paintings of 1912-1914. Gorringe’s Lewis 7 Dec 2011 (2177). This may be ‘The gate’ recorded in 1912.
Cornish cottages
O/c 14.5 x 17.5. Sgd BL in red; c1905 or earlier. At right is a row of cottages in sunlight; in a doorway a woman in pink dress and red cap stands knitting and a young girl sits in the road before her; at left, in the distance, are a woman at a pump and a man standing. PHGM 2001 (39).
Cows above Newlyn.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd. In a green meadow stand four cows facing left; the foreground cow is white and black; beyond at left a brown and white cow is seen from the rear; beyond at right are two brown and white cows; the sky is cloudy with blue patches. Lay P 27 Oct 2016 (138).
O/c 30 x 25. Sgd. A larger work than the 1917 and 1927 works of this title. Debenham Coe, London 10 May 1972 (45).
Sgd BR. c1902. In the foreground centre, a young girl in white dress, bare feet, sits in shade on a pebble shore; behind at left, in sunshine, are girls in yellow and red dresses; in the distance is blue sea with a rowing boat at TR. Wortley p.282 illus.
Feeding chickens
O/c 16 x 12. Sgd BL, c1912. In the right foreground a man in a cap and white shirt, facing left, holds a bowl in his left hand; with his right hand he gives food to a chicken and many chicks; beyond a girl sits on a picket fence; at left is a farmhouse with two chimney stacks. PL 13 Nov 1984 (59 illus, prov. QHP); WL.
Feeding time
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL; early style. In a sunny meadow a young man at left wearing a pointed cap and white shirt sits on an upturned basket; before him is a trough into which he pours feed from a metal pail; several pigs eat at the trough and more approach from centre-right. Lane P 6 Oct 2011 (200, as of 1906); SL 10 May 2012 (53). WL.
Figures on The Cliff, Newlyn
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL. At left a man approaches carrying a fish in his left hand, an oar over his right shoulder; at right two men lean over a metal railing beside a rising road; beyond are buildings. CL 11 July 2013 (107 illus, originally as Figures on a quay, Mousehole).
Fine morning, Sennen
O/c 24 x 31.5. Sgd BR. An extensive view of the beach at Whitesand Bay, with Aire Point on the horizon; in the foreground, seagulls walk on the sand or fly over the surf.
Flowers before a window
O/p 6 x 4. A pair, each sgd. Lay P 2 Sep 1987 (156 ni); Lay P 14 Dec 1989 (83 ni); Lay P 29 Mar 1990 (134 ni).
Four fishing boats in harbour
O/c. Sgd BL in black. At left are four boats, two numbered PZ476 and (indis) PZ206.
Gathering snowdrops
O/c 19.75 x 23.75. Sgd BL; early style. Three girls in an open woodland; the right girl wears a purple smock over a pale blouse, holding a basket on her left arm, her two hands clasping a small bunch of flowers; the centre girl has a red hat (or red hair?) lies on the ground leaning on her elbows, hands cupping her face, looking at the left girl; the left girl has a pale smock over an olive-brown dress and sits on the ground looking at the centre girl. Perhaps MG 1913 as First snowdrops of the year; S Chester 12 July 1985 (3301).
Gertrude in the garden
O/cb 9.5 x 13.5. Sgd BL. This sketch may be related to Portrait of the artist’s wife (1916). A woman seated in a deck chair, with a blue hat and green dress, facing right, with foliage behind; painted loosely. SWS 23 May 1989 (588 illus).
Girl in a landscape
O/c 11 x 17. Sgd BL in black; c1910. A woman standing right faces the viewer, her left hand on hip, holding a bucket in her right hand; at left is a white and black horse; behind it is a fire with figures round it and a gypsy caravan. Whitford Fine Art.
Girl in a meadow
O/c 21 x 17. PL 16 May 1986 (249).
Girl with goats
O/c 15 x 18. Sgd BL; c1905. In a meadow overlooking the dark blue sea, a young woman stands at right facing right, holding in her arms a kid goat; a young goat stands by her right foot, and an older goat stands at left. This appears to be a smaller version of Girl with goats, Newlyn. The woman is Adeline Mary Harvey; given by the artist to her. CL 11 Mar 1994 (1 illus). WL.
Girl with goats, Newlyn
O/c 25 x 30. Sgd BL; indis dtd 90 (?). In a meadow overlooking the dark blue sea, a young woman stands at right facing right, holding in her arms a kid goat; a young goat stands by her right foot, and an older goat stands at left.
Gretcha at the duckpond
O/c 15 x 18. Sgd BL. Inscr with title on the frame. c1902. Probably painted at Tredavoe duck pond. At right a young girl in a purple dress sits on the stream bank facing left, watching ducks swimming. SL 11 Nov 1987 (21 illus); BITPI (88 illus, as Greta at the duckpond); WL
Grey autumn, Mousehole
O/b 20.5 x 28. Sgd. Lane P 28 Nov 1978 (231 ni).
Half portrait of an attractive young lady
O/c 19 x 15. Sgd. Lane P 5 Dec 1989 (243 ni).
Harvest time. 
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BR; title inscr on stretcher.  CL 20 June 1996 (59).
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL, c1912; title inscr on the stretcher. At right a man in a white hat and shirt and dark clothes follows two brown horses moving left pulling a harrow; crows fly over the field; beyond are fields and trees below a dark grey sky. PL 13 Nov 1984 (61 illus, prov. QHP); PL 2 June 1992 (25 illus); BL 30 Nov 2004 (9 illus). WL.
Haulers on a country road, Newlyn
O/c 30 x 36. Apparently not sgd; c1920. A rutted road with telegraph poles occupies the centre foreground and rises towards us; a cart pulled by two horses led by a man, with a dog alongside, comes up the hill; another cart follows; both carts carry a white cargo; at left is a field with a stone gate pillar; the scene is sunlit but wintry, the trees leafless, and signs of snow on the road; in the background fields rise up the opposite slope of the valley, a hamlet at left; the sky is cloudy with blue patches. CL 5 Mar 1999 (77 illus, prov. sold CL 10 Dec 1926 (19) for £26-5s).
Homewards, Buryas bridge
O/c 12 x 14. c1908. A full stream occupies the left foreground; at right a man on a white horse moves away left; a dog follows by the nearside rear hoof; they have just passed a white gate by which a figure stands at right. DMG 1988 (99 illus).
In the whiting grounds
O/c 30 x 24.  Sgd BR, c1900.  In a small dinghy at sea, seen stern on, a young man facing left stands at the stern with line in his hands; an older man with beard and pale jersey leans against the starboard side with a line in his hands; behind him an oar lies over the side; there are sailing boats at TL. BBC Antiques Roadshow, Barnstable Oct 2000; Homes & Antiques Nov 2000, p.69 (illus); PHGM 2001 (1); PCF C&SI p112 illus; Hardie p102 illus; Under the open sky, by C Wallace p64 illus; Amongst heroes, London 2013; Amongst heroes, p17 illus. Penlee House Museum & Gallery (2006.18).
In the stable yard
O/c 14 x 12. Sgd BL. A man on a white horse moving right; farm buildings are behind and at right; beyond are trees. LWG Mar 1982 (37 illus); CL 15 Apr 1981 (202 ni, as Horseman in farmyard).
Interior study of a young girl sitting on a wooden Cornish window seat.
O/c 14 x 18. Sgd BR in dark brown. Perhaps c1910. A girl with dark hair sits extended on a long seat set into a bay window, looking at us and wearing a long cream dress with coloured embroidery on the bodice; her left hand is raised to her head, and her right arm is extended along her body; on the seat beside her is a round lidded jar; above her head a window opens onto sunlit trees; at far left is a round table with a white cloth, bearing an empty round vase, a low bowl of fruit, and a tall blue ceramic perhaps containing a figurine; at far right stands a bookcase with a figurine on the top shelf, and above it is a round mirror; a wooden beam is visible in the ceiling. Peter Wilson, Nantwich 30 April 2003 (56), as 14 x 17.
O/b 18 x 22. Sgd BR. A bowl of mainly yellow flowers upon a table before an open window looking onto a tiled roof. Perhaps RA 1935 (410); SL 22 July 1987 (13 illus).

Jug of Spring flowers. 
O/c 19 x 15.  Sgd. Lane P 5 Oct 2006 (35).

Landing the catch
O/c 12 x 18. Sgd BL, said to be dtd but none given. Many figures occupy the right foreground; at left is a dinghy; in the distance is a sailing boat and at right the Nor’rad Slip. DMG Autumn 1974 (30 illus).
Lands End
O/b 21.5 x 18. Sgd. In the foreground is a rocky headland, the sea at left; at TR is a suggestion of the Longships lighthouse. Lane P 6 Apr 1978 (221 illus); Lane P 4 Dec 1980 (382 ni).
Lilac doll
O/c 15 x 18.  Sgd BL.  c1904. Plymouth Gallery label on reverse. Three children in a meadow; at left foreground a young girl with plaits, in cap, blue coat and purple skirt, sits on the grass looking out; her left hand holds the lilac doll; behind, at right, are two other girls, one in blue clothes sitting with flowers in her hands, the other lying with face cupped in her hands.  Lay P 15 June 2000 (570 illus); Hardie p.13, illus in Lays advert; SL 15 Dec 2016 (51 illus, as The lilac doll)
Looking inland : a view near Penzance
O/c 15.75 x 21.75. Sgd; early 1920s; inscr on the stretcher. A path leads out of a field through an open gate, past trees at right, into a distant landscape of fields. SL 14 July 1982 (30 illus); WL.
Low tide
O/p 19 x 24. Bearnes, Torquay 1 Sep 1989 (294).
Madonna of the bridges
PIN p.83 (ni), which describes it as in neo-Renaissance style showing a madonna and child with Newlyn Coombe in the background.
Man ploughing a field
c1900. At right a man walks behind a plough led by two large brown horses at left. BAL SGC56694.
Man with a pipe. O/c 11.5 x 15.5. Sgd BL. Three-quarter length view of an old bearded man seated frontally in an interior, wearing a cap and brown waistcoat and coat, holding a pipe in his right hand, and resting his right elbow on a table at left; on the table is a glass tankard full of beer and a stubby bottle; his left hand is just visible at BR. This may be The pipe, sold in 1902.
Man with cap
Pencil sketch on paper c15 x 19. Three-quarter length view of a man facing half-left, in a buttoned jacket, seated with his left hand on knee; he smokes a cigarette; the head is the most detailed area. PL 6 June 2000 (202 ni).

O/c 12 x 18.  Sgd BL in brown.  On a path beside the sea four children play marbles; at left two lean against a fence, at centre a boy in a red jumper throws a marble towards four others; at right a boy stands with hands on knees; left of the fence is a meadow and in the middle distance are tall trees and factories with chimneys; beyond is Penzance and a patch of sea.  RGG May 2008 (SP4661, as c1905).

Mending the nets, Newlyn
O/c 14 x 17. Sgd BL, c1909. A man sits on a lobster pot with his back to the viewer; at right another man holds a red-brown net; at left a man in a white smock sits on the rim of a dinghy; behind is a harbour scene. BAL TAY45180 (as Newlyn harbour: mending the nets); Lay P 17 Apr 1986 (321 illus, as Fishermen mending nets at Newlyn); CL 5 Mar 1987 (44 illus); WL.
Midge Bruford and fiance, Coombe Hill, Newlyn
O/c 28 x 24.5. Sgd BL in red; early 1920s. In the foreground a woman in a white dress stands this side of a broad metal gate, her back to the viewer and facing right; on the other side of the gate, a man in dark clothes stands at left and faces the woman; beyond are many trees rising up the hillside, with blue sky above; the top frame intersects two patches of foliage. Marjorie Frances Bruford was a close friend of Mornie Birch, and was known as Midge. She attended the Harvey-Procter School from August 1923. She was painted by Dod Procter as ‘Indolence’ (RA 1932, no. 643). The fiance was the artist Richard Copeland Weatherby (1881-1953), who exhibited at RA, NEAC and Alpine Gallery 1922-1953; he lived several years in Cornwall, and was of the famous horse racing family. PL 14 June 1988 (16 illus); Sworder, Bishops Stortford 11 June 2002 (1252); CL 21 Nov 2003 (35 illus); BhL 14 Nov 2006 (221 illus, as Midge Bruford and her fiancé at Chywoone Hill, Newlyn).
Monnow mill
O/c 20 x 26. Sgd BL in red; perhaps 1930s. A calm stream flows in the foreground, the left bank filled with trees; a weir breaches the right bank and behind is the mill house; at the right edge are tall trees. Reproduced by Frost & Reed 1939. The river Monnow flows through Monmouth, and this work was perhaps done at the same time as ‘The poplars, Monmouth’.
Mother and child
O/c 14 x 12. Sgd, indis dtd; c1905. A woman sits on a field wall facing left, in a blue blouse and white apron, holding a child on her lap; the child faces the viewer and wears a whitish bonnet and clothing; behind is a green meadow with trees. SL 11 Mar 1992 (31).
Mother and child
O/c 23 x 19. CL 25 Jan 1978 (79).
Mother and child
O/c 27 x 20. Sgd BL in black. At left a young woman in a green dress leans over an awake baby lying in a cradle with finials at head and foot and a pitched roof at the head; the cradle covers are white; behind are shadowy indications of a room, and perhaps the parents’ bed; the colours are mostly dark brown. The woman resembles that in ‘Tired out’. SL 3 July 2002 (10 illus); Online Gallery June 2008, as At the end of the day. BhL 19 November 2008 (28 illus).
Mrs Algernon Newton
O/p 8 x 4.5. Sgd BR; c1913. A half-length figure facing slightly right, in an olive- green dress, reading a book held in both hands. The sitter was the first wife of Algernon Cecil Newton (1880-1968) who was a successful landscape painter (RA 1943); he married Marjorie Emelia Balfour Rider in 1903, and their four children included Robert Guy Newton (1905-1956), a famous actor. In 1918 Newton lived at Bodrigy, near Lamorna. PHGM 2001 (101).
Newlyn harbour looking towards Penzance
O/b 12 x 13.75. Sgd BL in black. Perhaps c1900. In the foreground a small steam ship lies within the Old Quay; beyond are sailing ships moored in calm waters; the dominant colour is the pale blue water. PL 17 June 1997 (8 illus). WL.
Newlyn old harbour
O/c 11.5 x 15.5. Undated. At right is the old quay, with Penzance fishing boats in the foreground; beyond is Tolcarne and the Lidden. Lane P 22 Oct 1976 (100 illus).
On the quayside
O/c 14 x 17. Sgd BL. In the foreground is a brown horse in a cart with red shafts; a boy sits on the driving seat, holding the reins, talking to a young woman standing at left, who wears a yellow blouse, black skirt and white apron; she holds a large child in her arms; beyond is a harbour, and at right three men lean against railings; the sky is blue; the brush strokes are fluid, sometimes thickly applied. SL 4 July 2001 (5 illus); SL 10 May 2012 (54, as The quayside, Newlyn).
Paul, near Penzance
O/c 18 x 22. Sgd BL in brown. At BL a brown and white calf grazes at the edge of a lane; behind it a man lying on the wall-hedge talks to a woman with a blue blouse in the lane with a child in blue clothes beside her; beyond her is an older man; at TL is the tower of Paul church; the sky is pale blue. Church Street Gallery, Stow on the Wold 1979; SL 13 Dec 2005 (70 illus).
Picking cauliflowers
O/c 20 x 18. Sgd BL; c1914. In a field of cauliflowers, at right is a horse and two-wheeled cart being loaded by two figures; at left a man carries a laden basket on his back toward the cart; in the distance are fields and farmhouses; the cloudy sky fills more than half the picture. PL 14 June 1988 (15 illus); DMG 1988 (98 illus).
Picking daffodils
O/c 17.5 x 13.75. Sgd BR in black; c1910-12. At left stands a young girl in a white dress and green bonnet holding a basket laden with flowers; at right her mother (?) in a white dress and red headscarf bends down to pick them; white and yellow daffodils are all around them. SL 27 June 2006 (70 illus); RGG May 2008 (SP4391, as Spring in the orchard, narcissus, as c1912).
Playtime at Carnyorth near St Just, Cornwall
O/c 14 x 12. Sgd. Four girls are by a path; the left girl has a skipping rope; in front a girl half lies on the grass; at right stand two others; beyond are houses. Lane P 17 May 2007 (380 illus).

O/c 11 x 17.  Bearnes, Exeter 4 July 2006 (363).

25.25 x 30. Perhaps the same as ‘Ploughing’ (1921). PL 18 Sep 1990 (26).
Portrait of a girl
Head and shoulder view of a girl facing left with shoulder-length brown hair and a dark dress or jacket with white markings. BAL. JDV37138.
Portrait of a woman reading
O/c 22 x 17.75. Sgd BR in red; late 1930s. At left a woman in a green dress and red neck scarf sits facing right reading a book open on her lap; above her is a mirror reflecting her head; at right a tankard holding brushes is on a window cill, suggesting she is an artist or a model; through the window is a yellowish house. On the verso is ‘Woman in an armchair’, similar to the recto work. PL 10 Mar 1987 (35 illus); PL 15 Sep 1987 (36 ni); Lay P 2 June 1994 (300 illus, as Gertrude reading); PHGM 2001 (56, as Gertrude Harvey – the artist’s wife). Lane P 14 July 2011 (80 illus, as Gertrude Harvey seated by the studio window reading a book).
Portrait study of a lady in red
O/c 20 x 15. Sgd; perhaps mid-1930s. Perhaps related to ‘A girl in a red dress’. Biddle & Wells, Birmingham 1 May 1992 (406b).
Preliminary sketch for a portrait of a gentleman
O/p 18 x 12. Lay P 26 Feb 1987 (337 ni).
Seaweed gatherers
O/c 18 x 20. Sgd BL in black. Perhaps 1918-22. At centre two brown horses in single file stand before a two wheeled cart heavily laden with seaweed; a young man with a red scarf stands on top of the pile, raking; at left stands another young man holding up a gathering on a pole or rake; a patch of greenery is at BL, above the signature; the blue sea laps on the beach; in the distance at left is a town with a pink tower under a blue spire or cupola; at right is St Michael’s Mount and hazy land on the horizon; the sky is clear blue. BL 30 Nov 2004 (8 illus).

Sandy Bay.  O/c 12 x 16.  Sgd BL in black; c1900-1910.  At left a young man in pale jacket and dark cap rests on an iron railing, facing right talking to two young women standing on a road or path; the left woman has hands on hips, the right woman holds a hoop in her left hand and a large reddish jug stands beside her; beyond are a few houses and a rising hillside; at far left is the sea.  The location has been identified as Sandy Bay between Newlyn and Mousehole.

O/b 21 x 21. A smaller work than the ‘Siesta’ at Royal Leamington Spa; perhaps a study for it. SWS 15 Dec 1982 (1502a, ni).
Sketching on the quay
Black chalk and w/c 9.5 x 6.25. Sgd BR. At BL a man in hat and belted jacket sits facing left with his back to the viewer; a brush is visible; at right stands a girl in a pale dress with square neck, watching the man. PL 17 June 1986 (25a); PL 16 June 1987 (22).
Sport on the shore – a crab race
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BL; inscr on the stretcher ‘Sport on the Shore by Harold Harvey’. Date estimated as 1890 by Cross. Two boys wearing hats half lying on the jetty watch two crabs; beyond is blue sea with children paddling. Cross p.170 illus; PHGM 2001 (2); Under the open sky, by C Wallace p61 illus. Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery 1964.21, donated from a private collection in 1964.
Spreading the nets.
O/c 15 x 18. Sgd BR in yellow. Perhaps 1905-1915. On a sunlit grassy meadow beside the sea a white horse moving left pulls a cart laden with nets, led by a walking man; two more men attend to the cart; in the left foreground two boys in blue jerseys sit on the grass; in the right foreground is part of a ploughed field; in the distance is the sea and St Michael’s Mount with land beyond; the thin strip of sky is grey. BhL 21 Jan 2015 (111 illus).

Springtime in the orchard.  
O/c 29.5 x 22.  Sgd BL.  c1910-1915.  A woman in white clothes sits in the left foreground by a narrow path on a sunlit sloping meadow with trees in pale-pink blossom; a child stands beside her in white smock, yellow brimmed hat and blue skirt, with hands behind its back; a few people stand among the trees; beyond at right is Newlyn harbour and Mounts Bay; the sky is cloudy grey with some blue patches.  Sothebys New York 8 November 2012 (68 illus).

Steady – boys fishing off Newlyn
O/c 40 x 50. Sgd BR, and inscr. Three boys in a dinghy off Newlyn; the left boy sits at the stern holding the rudder; the centre boy stands with a line in his left hand; the right boy kneels with a grappling hook in his right hand; in the boat is a basket of fish. Lay P 22 June 1989 (519 illus, prov. purchased from the artist c1906).
Still life of daffodils and narcissi in a white jug
O/c 20 x 16. Sgd BR in red; c1930. A pale blue-grey jug with a floral motif on its side and handle to the left, stands on a circular greenish table; the background is pale blue-grey; the white and yellow flowers touch the right edge of the frame and almost touch the left and top edges; the light comes from the left. CL 19 June 1997 (169 illus); BhL 12 Mar 2002 (7 illus as Daffodils and narcissi). WL
Still life, a vase of flowers
O/p 5.5 x 4. A pair. Sgd. Lay P 26 Feb 1987 (496, 497 ni).
Taking a rest
O/c 20 x 24. Sgd. PL 23 Apr 1985 (28 ni).
Tea time
O/c 30 x 25. Sgd BL; c1920. A view of a room; at left is a table against the wall, set for tea; at centre a woman in a long yellow cardigan starts a gramophone; at left, beyond the table, a maid appears in a doorway; in the foreground a stool is on a striped a carpet; at right a cat sits by French windows; the colours are muted. DMG pub. V (62 illus); SWS 28 July 1983 (2802a); SL 23 May 1984 (28 illus); CL 7 June 1985 (9); BITPI (62 illus); WL.
Team ploughing
O/b 11 x 18. Joel, Melbourne 7 Nov 1980 (1266).

Little Brother
O/c 14 x 18. c1905-1912. At right a girl in a white smock over a dark dress and with a blue ribbon in her hair faces left holding a small child with blond hair and pale dress who is eating something; at left a child with a red headscarf watches them; behind are indications of a house.

The apple orchard
O/c 18 x 20. Sgd. A girl in the foreground of an orchard, and several others at right. DMG Autumn 1974 (27 illus).
The balcony, Newlyn
O/c 10 x 12. Sgd BL. At the top of open, sloping ground is a terrace of houses; at centre of these a large storey with one window projects and is supported by two brick and plaster pillars; in the foreground is a young child facing right and in a white smock. The building was demolished in the pre-war slum clearance. PHGM 2001 (29).
The blackberry harvest
O/c 16 x 14. Sgd BR in black. c1908. Inscr on the canvas overlap ‘Blackberry Harvest Harold Harvey’. In the left foreground of a grassy meadow, two women move right with a young girl between them; the nearest figure has a blue sleeve and a red headscarf; the child wears a cream hat; behind at left is another woman; each woman carries a basket; behind them are trees and blue sky (or sea?). CL 21 Nov 1995 (96 illus); CL 22 Nov 2006 (278 illus). ; CL 5 June 2008 (21 illus). WL.
The carpenter’s shop
O/c 12 x 14. Sgd BL in red and verso. In a dark room a man facing us, wearing cap and rolled shirt sleeves, planes a length of wood on a bench; on the bench are tools and shavings; behind him is a window. Ritchie, Toronto 28 May 1996 (164a); Lawrence, Crewkerne 10 Oct 1996 (191, as Carpenter’s Workshop); PHGM 2001 (34). Lane P 27 Sep 2007 (200).
The family
The Studio March 1942, where Nichols described it as “a modernised version of the flight into Egypt is more than noteworthy.
The farmer’s boy
O/c 18 x 18. Sgd BR in red. A boy in white shirt and khaki shorts, grey socks and brown boots rests on a horizontal tree trunk; behind is a meadow and at left a metal gate; the boy almost fills the height of the canvas. PL 11 Nov 1986 (115 illus, as A corner of the garden); Lay P 2 Sep 1987 (338 illus, as A corner of the green); Lane P 14 Apr 1988 (30 illus as The farmer’s boy).
The fishmarket, Newlyn
The Notebook records “Fishmarket, Newlyn, 30 x 25”. Mentioned in The Studio March 1942.
The fond farewell
O/c 30 x 25. Initialled HH, BL. c1902. On a sunny shore, at left a young woman in a white dress stands facing right waving a handkerchief; at right a young woman in white sits with hands clasped round her knees looking at the other woman. CL 12 Nov 1987 (92 illus); BITPI (89 illus as Out to sea); DMG Autumn 2010 (10 illus, as Out to sea). DMG May 2012 (8 illus, as Out to sea). WL
The front, Newlyn
O/c 15 x 18. Sgd BL; c1905 or earlier. A view of Fore Street, Newlyn; the grocery shop was (1997) The Smugglers Restaurant. A wet road leads to the centre of the painting, flanked at left by shops; one advertises Lyons Tea and four small children look through its window. At right is a railing, to the right of which is the sea; in the middle distance people walk or stand in the road. PL 29 Jan 1991 (30 illus).
The little mother
O/c 18 x 21.5. Sgd BR; title inscr on verso. A girl in a large straw hat with a dark blue band looks at the viewer; her arms hold a baby facing left with white clothes; behind is a whitewashed wall with a doorjamb at far right. MAGN 2001 (47).
The midday rest
O/c approx 20 x 24, on the reverse of ‘In the kitchen’ (1918); c1905-1910. At centre-left a young woman sits on grass facing right, in black feathered hat, red scarf, white blouse and dark blue skirt; at TR sits a boy; at far left are elements of another figure; the tone is dark. PL 25 Nov 1997 (11 ni).
The old forge
O/c 24 x 20. Sgd BL; c1900. Inside a forge the blacksmith works at the anvil; two men stand at right beneath two windows; the overall tone is dark. PL 12 Nov 1985 (89 illus); CL 12 June 1986 (90 illus).
The orange sellers, Newlyn harbour.
O/c 12 x 16. Sgd BR. Two girls in pale clothes walk left each holding a full basket of oranges over the left arm; the left girl wears a blue hat and holds out her right hand to a young man facing right in a blue shirt and a cap seated on a box, perhaps taking payment for an orange; behind are boats alongside the quay, and across the harbour are the town and Paul Hill. BhL 29 Sep 2010 (167 illus).
The rushing stream
O/c 18 x 16. Sgd BL; undated. In the foreground a stream flows at great force; behind is the bank with leafless trees. PHGM 2001 (27). Lane P 27 Sep 2012 (98 illus)
The sunbathers
O/c 20 x 22. Sgd BL. On a grey beach boy lies stretched out, his head at left, in white hat and shorts, his right knee raised; at right a younger nude boy sits facing the viewer, his hands clasping his left knee; beyond are large rocks and blue sea. PL 14 June 1988 (17 illus); Lane P 28 Feb 1989 (240 illus, as Two boys sunbathing on rocky Cornish shore); SL 8 Nov 1989 (23 illus, as 18 x 20, as Boys on a beach); WL.
The tired girl
Shown at Newlyn November 1937. The Cornishman of 18 Nov 1937 wrote “Mr Harvey has excelled himself again as a portrait painter, and there can be nothing but admiration for his ‘The tired girl’”.
The turnip cart
O/c 24 x 30. On the reverse is a still life of flowers attributed to Gertrude Harvey. SWS 24 Oct 1995 (280).

The village cobbler
O/c 18 x 16. In a dark interior an old man sits at a table piled with tools and shoes, under a large window with a garden beyond; an unlit oil lamp hangs at top right. Hindman, Chicago 11 Dec 2011 (322 illus).

The watering place
O/c 32 x 22. Inscr. in pencil on stretcher reverse. c1905. A man sits on a horse facing left, which crosses a small pool; behind are ducks at left and fields at right. Bonhams West 28 Nov 1991 (444 illus).
The young ploughman
O/c 25.25 x 30. Sgd BR in dark brown. c1905. At left two brown horses pull a plough guided by a boy at right; the field at left is ploughed and a broad strip of green meadow remains to be worked; a few gulls follow the plough; the sky is cloudy with darker patches. BhL 23 Jan 2013 (104 illus).
The watering place
O/c 20 x 18. Sgd BR. c1905. A man in white shirt and dark cap sits on a brown horse drinking from a pool, with another horse behind. CL 15 Mar 1985 (27 illus); BhL 22 July 1993 (1); WL.
Thomas Harvey
O/c 14 x 12. Head and shoulder view of a boy, who lived at 3 Lynn Terrace, Newlyn. Lane P 27 Mar 1990 (527 ni); Lane P 2 July 1990 (626 ni); CL 15 July 1998 (15 illus); Lane P 25 Oct 2001 (160).
Three boys with pumpkin lantern
Small size. Shown at the BBC Antiques Roadshow, Salisbury 1990.
Three fishermen
O/c 11.5 x 15.5. Sgd BL in black. In a small dinghy, a young man in a white jersey sits at the stern facing right; at centre a man in a dark blue jersey stands with both hands holding a line which has caught a fish; at right another man in a dark blue jersey leans over the starboard bow; a pile of fish lie between the left and centre men. PHGM 2001 (4, as Whiffing in Mount’s Bay, as dated 1906); MAGN 2001 (70, as dated 1904); Lane P 30 May 2002 (220, as c1889).
Tired out
O/c 18 x 15. Sgd BR (underlined). Inscr Harold Harvey on label on reverse. c1910. A woman in yellow blouse and white skirt, facing left, holds in her arms a young girl with a white smock over a dark dress; in the background are orchard trees, with red blossom at upper left. LG 1927 (27); PIN p.129 illus, no.68; PHGM 2001 (47); WL
Trout stream
O/c 20 x 19. Lawrence, Crewkerne 4 Nov 1982 (264).
Tug of war
O/c 12 x 15. Sgd BL; c1909. Inscr on a label on the frame. At centre right, sits a girl in a cream hat, white smock and red dress, holding one end of a rope; another girl is beside her at right; at left sits a boy in white hat and clothes, holding the other end of the rope; behind him are two boys, one with fair hair; the scene is a grassy area before a beach, with the sea and coast beyond. Perhaps RA 1910 (727) and WAGL 1910 (1057, price £150) (both Tug of war); PL 14 June 1988 (13 illus, as A test of strength); DMG 1988 (100 illus, as A trial of strength).
Two girls gathering faggots
O/c 20 x 22. Sgd BL; early style. In a copse, a girl in the foreground faces left wearing a white blouse and a coloured headscarf, holding a bundle of wood wrapped in a cloth; behind her, at left, another girl bends to the ground, her right arm outstretched. The woods at Higher Faughan were a source of faggots. Perhaps shown at the Mendoza Galleries 1913 as ‘Faggot gatherers’, which was reviewed as among the best of his pictures there. CL 11 June 1982 (5 illus).
Two shire horses and ploughman heading homeward at dusk on a country lane
O/c 7.5 x 16. Lane P 16 Oct 1986 (527 ni).
Under sixteen
O/c 13.5 x 15.5. Sgd BL in black; c1906. Title inscr on reverse. A young boy stands centre, facing the viewer, a lit cigarette in his mouth; he wears a cap and dark blue jersey, and carries a basket of green vegetables over his left arm; behind is a white house. PHGM 2001 (18).
View from a meadow
O/c 18 x 24. Sgd BR (?) and indis dtd. Perhaps mid-1930s. A meadow with many wild flowers; at right is a house and well-head; very diffusely painted. SL 13 May 1987 (133 illus); WL.
View of a Cornish village
O/c 15.5 x 17.5. Sgd indis BL; c1915. In the right foreground a narrow lane bordered by reddish hedges leads over a hillside towards autumnal trees; a house lies at left and at far left is a tall red chimney; in the middle distance rises the tower of St Pol de Leon at Paul, which has a corner beacon tower; above is a large pale blue cloudscape; the landscape is in muted colours. St Pol de Leon is the parish church of Mousehole; the tower rises 86 feet. CL 12 June 1987 (123a illus); Lane P 12 July 1990 (360 illus, as Farmstead above Paul village, Newlyn); Lane P 27 Sep 1990 (252 illus); CL 24 Nov 2000 (5 illus, as A view of Paul, Newlyn, Cornwall). WL.
Village of Eggbuckland, Devon
O/c 19 x 24. Lane P 17 May 1996 (205 ni).
When day’s end is nigh
O/c 15.75 x 17.75. Sgd BL indis. Early style. At left in a meadow a young woman in a white smock moves right carrying a young child in red cap, white dress and brown shoes; right of her walks an older girl in white cap, blouse and dark skirt carrying a bunch of flowers in her left hand; behind at right are three small figures, one in a yellow hat. SWS 25 July 1989 (600 illus).
Winter sunshine
O/c 11.5 x 11.5. Sgd BL. A young man on a white horse approaching the viewer across a pool; beyond are farm buildings and trees; at left is a man with two horses at the edge of the pool. Lay P 8 Nov 1990 (390 illus).
Woman reading in a garden
O/c 14 x 18. Not signed; c1900. At right, a woman wearing a hat and striped dress sits reading a book in a sunny, colourful garden beside a pale house. PIN p.128 illus, no.65; PL 21 Nov 2000 (10 illus); PHGM 2001 (79); CL 13 Dec 2012 (59) WL.
O/c 25 x 30. Sgd. BhL 22 July 1993 (17).
Young girl looking out to sea
O/c 20 x 16. Init; late 1920s. In the foreground a girl with a long plait down her back tied with a ribbon, sits on rocks facing right, her right hand resting on the rock; beyond are the sea and coast; the sky is cloudy. All the motifs are thickly painted and lack detail, like a sketch. CL 7 June 1990 (157 illus); Lane P 12 July 1990 (410 ni, as Girl seated on the rocks overlooking Mounts Bay, Cornwall); Lane P 27 Sep 1990 (45 illus); Lane P 10 Oct 1991 (212 ni, as Young girl seated on rocks).
Young girls on a cliff top
O/c 18 x 15. Sgd BL; c1910. In a meadow with white flowers, a young girl reclines in the foreground on her left side, facing the viewer, her right arm covering her face; behind her at left sits an older woman in a white dress, her left arm supporting her, looking at the reclining girl; beyond at right a very young girl in white smock and red hat stands looking at the others; in the background at left is a pale flowering shrub; beyond are the sea and coast. CL 6 Mar 1992 (1 illus); WL
Young girls on seashore
O/c 19.5 x 17.5. PL 16 June 1969 (64). Perhaps the same as ‘A quiet paddle’.

Young sailors   
O/c 14 x 16.  Sgd BR.  In a white dinghy are three boys; the left boy with white hat holds an oar as a rudder over the stern; the middle boy is in the prow, watching the right boy who leans over the side holding a toy sailing boat in the water; beyond are two sailing boats with red sails, and a low coast; the sea is calm with clear reflections of the dinghy.  Christies New York 7 April 2006 (102 illus).

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